My mum's a teacher and she found thid really cool way of multiplying decimals in a teaching book. In the book it calls it 'Italian'.
Here goes...

Step 1: Table

In this example, the sum is 35.8 times 4.6
Set out a rectangle like this:

(The dots are decimal points)
(The diagonal lines are important)
<p>Very interesting, thanks for sharing this technique. This website has some multiplying decimals worksheets to practice with: <a href="http://stemsheets.com/math/multiplying-decimals-worksheet-horizontal" rel="nofollow">http://stemsheets.com/math/multiplying-decimals-worksheet-horizontal</a></p>
YOU NEED MORE STEPS and examples <br> <br>
&quot;Now, you must add the digits.&quot;<br><br>I am not seeing any addition in this particular step.
i dont understand.....
wow this is hard for me because im in 5th grade
Explain the *pundent* square for integers
My teacher taught me this for mulitpying and dividing integers. example one positive and one negative make a negative, just follow the chart.
I think it's COOL!

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