How to Neatly Store Plastic Packets


Introduction: How to Neatly Store Plastic Packets

About: The new black

How to fold plastic packets into tight triangles so they can be stored easier and neater.

Step 1: Strip

1. Flatten out plastic packet.
2. Fold a handle length strip over.
3. Repeat until the entire packet is the a long rectangle shape

Step 2: Triangle

Starting from the sealed side (the bottom of the packet) fold the corner on to itself and then up towards the top

Step 3: Tuck In

Fold the remain end in the opposite direct and tuck into the pocket in the side and you are done



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    OCD strikes again!

    thanks most of my friends just think i have O.C.D

    Great idea, that's so neat and tidy, I used to stuff them into a drawer, it got pretty messy.