This instructable will hopefully show you how to keep your remote exactly where you want it;
I have no camera, and this is my very first instructable so have mercy.

I hope you enjoy this lil' puppy.

Step 1: First of All

first of all I guess I should start by saying... If you take apart, or alter your TV remote... (Hacking by the way is just a small step away from vandalism, so)... well let's just say your remote has a chance of not working from that point on, and YOU are fully responsible for what ever damage might come from your "hack".

Now the basic idea behind this hack is that if something is tied down it can't get lost. If you have kids things get lost. so after buying 4 new remotes; and still having to stand up n walk over to my TV because remotes get lost more often than a dyslexic navigator with a bad hangover stuck in the Bermuda triangle, I decided to get some relatively light weight chain and 2 eye hooks from my local hardware store ( I like Lowes, but where ever you go is kosher.) and tie down the thing.

anyway, here is a list of stuff you will need.......

one cheap TV remote; $6.

aprox. 6 or 7 feet of chain; $3

2 eye hooks; 50 cents

2 lil link things that you conect the chain and eye hooks; $2

and use of a dremmel tool, and/or drill.
, hmmmm, this might just work with ceiling fan chain.... My 4 yo autistic granddaughter loses about 3 remotes a month! And of course her favorites are the cable remote & the Roku remote. (Thank heavens Roku has an app!!)
<p>loved it,thanks so much</p>
How bout tracks in the ceiling across the seating area and a retractable string like shop vac cords where you can pull it out and it stays or you can jerk it and it retracts. Then you could have it sitting or hanging or whatever within arms reach and if someone else asks for the remote you can just raise it up and give it a shove to send it floating across the room. <br>Ok, maybe that would be too borderline awesome/ridiculous.<br>We have satalite so all the remotes are the same and over the years i've collected a couple extra so there are three in the family room. Nothing to do with losing the remote though, it just irks me whenever i've just sat down and realize that there isn't a remote within reach.
"because remotes get lost more often than a dyslexic navigator with a bad hangover stuck in the Bermuda triangle" Lol! *wipes tear from eye*
Wow. That took some true instructable dedication.
for an Instructable without real pics it is great a simple solution!
i really like the idea of the chirping key-chain put inside the remote; great idea! although it is very funny to watch, n' hear the chain drag on the floor when someone uses this thing. eventually i'll disconnect the thing; but it's good for a laugh, and to hopefully get the kids to try harder to not lose the remote from then on after i do remove the chain. =)<br/> <br/>
My family used to do this, but we shoe-good the chain to it. Later I bought one of those "whistle and it beeps" keychains and stuffed the guts inside the remote, but that just got annoying when we got parakeets. The remote beeping keychain is a good idea, I may try that.
This kinda falls into the "How Not To Get Your Bike Stolen" category... Chain it up.. simple... but with a remote.. annoying.
This is partially a joke, right, "6-7 feet of chain" If I wanted to not lose te remote, I'd go out and spend around $30 on one of those key finder things, where you have a button on the fridge, push it and the remote beeps. And I'd take the remote(and possibly receiver too) apart, and put the receiver in the remote, close it up, problem solved, yes it maybe double the price, BUT you won't be walking around with "6-7" feet of chain draggin behind you. Oh, and did I mention the fact that most of the units come with 3-4-5-6 receivers, so you can strap em to lots of remotes, or keys, or cellphones, it really dosn't matter.
i am mad because it said "even if you have kids," and i am a kid. just kidding lol great instructable.. but should have some real pictures.
Surprisingly well done without the pictures. But you really should get a digital camera soon. (hopefully for Christmas :) )
Hmm..Any chance you could take some picture of it?<br/><br/>As soon as I thought of this, I imagines one of those key rings that reel up onto a loop for your belt...like they use for IDs in some stores, hanging from the ceiling with the remote attached =]<br/>

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