How to Never Lose Your Keys in Your Bag Ever Again!





Introduction: How to Never Lose Your Keys in Your Bag Ever Again!

Tired of looking for your keys for 5 minutes every time you reach home/your car?
Yeah, me too...
so here's what I did:

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You'll need (see picture):
ID card reel
hook thingie keychain
a piece of fabric that doesn't fray (I used felt)
sewing needle

Step 2: Attach ID Card Reel to Bag

Decide where you want to attach the ID card reel, it should be the first place your hand reaches when you open the bag, but also a place that would be easy to sew.

take the piece of fabric and start attaching the fabric, when it's stable enough put the ID card reel underneath the fabric and continue sewing around it. Sew a second round 'cause this thing is gonna suffer a lot of abuse.

Cut the access fabric, but leave a bit of seam allowance.

Step 3: Attach Key to Hook, and to Bag

Attach your keys to the hook.

Now you can attach the keys to the bag (and detach whenever you want to), and quickly find and pull them to open your door.



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    Very nice idea. Thank you for posting! My better half wants one. she tried the belt loop carabiner and got annoyed because she said it made her feel kind of masculine and "miss priss" wasn't having anything to do with that! (and on her skirt? Are you mad ?!). So, I guess I'm off to the inventing shed.


    Sounds uncomfortable to me. It also has potential of looking kinda silly especially for girls... But whatever works for you :-)

    We have to wear ID's at school, most girls wear their ID's that way. Same principle.

    Nice bag : ) I definitely have been needing this ever since I started driving, haha.

    This is a great idea! Ha ha ha, I'm gonna do this for my wife. She can never find her key! fav'd

    really simple solution to a common problem A+

    Great job! Done very nicely, I hope to see more from you! :-)

    1 reply

    Thank you :-)