How to never shuck corn again


Step 3: Sliding

Picture of Sliding

Hold the corn up from the opposite end and it will easily slide out completely clean.

If it doesn't come out easily, trim a little more off the bottom and try again!


:) What a WONDERFUL idea! Do you have ANY idea how long this method might take me if I only have 20 bushel baskets to prepare for the freezer?

Was this corn ALREADY placed into the freezer in the shuck? With EVERYTHING that goes with it? And then microwaved?

Great idea for the occasional cob or 2.

only1lgt1 year ago
Got so mad at my plastic wrap that I threw it out. I then bought corn on the cob and forgot I had no wrap to put the cobs in for the microwave. I remembered this post and tried it. To my surprise it not only worked, it was wonderful. Just squeezed out the corn and it came out of the husk clean and no silk! I have since bought a new box of plastic wrap but am hooked on the husk method. I would recommend a very sharp knife to cut off the end of the corn. It's a little tough to cut through so be careful!
tphillips152 years ago
Mind. Blown.
Euromongrel2 years ago
Fabulous idea, I'd never thought about cutting off the bottom end. However, even if you don't cut the stem end off, and peel the husk back to use as a handle, the silks come off far more easily after the corn is cooked. And yes, it works on the grill, too. i USUALLY SOAK THE CORN IN SALTED WATER BEFORE I PUT IT ON THE GRILL, AND BRING THE POT OF SALTED WATER OUT WITH ME AND DUNK uh oh, sorry about the caps lock- the corn back in the salted water a couple of times while it's cooking. It takes longer that way, but I think it's worth it.