How to use fondant to make an awesome cake

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A lot of people who make cakes think there is some mystery to working with fondant.  I say with a little knowledge to help you out you can just dive right in and start making awesome cakes! Below are some of the cakes I have made.

Note* I am not a professional cake maker.  I was once paid $100 for a cake that I paid over $80 in electronics to make, but it was for a friend and I got to keep the pan. (it was the ufo cake below)  Other than that it has just been for friends and family. Mostly my children.

I did once make a website to showcase my cakes thinking about trying to go pro.  I decided against it but the website is still there.  Since quite a few of my cakes move or do something, its worth it to go there to see the videos.

I also have lots of other instructables, if you like this, check them out here
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Step 1: The cake

I took a course on shaping cakes once.  The instructors were absolutely aghast that I made my cakes with betty crocker cake mix.  The way I figure it is you could spend your extra time making a cake from scratch, or use a pre made mix that some company spent millions of dollars developing and spend your time making it look nicer.  I have never had anyone complain about the taste of the cake. Im not going to tell you how to bake and fill cakes.

As far as the icing goes, I used to just use the store bought stuff.  But I found a Bulk Barn that has a big tub of buttercream icing.  Buttercream icing is just easier to work with.

So you have a block of cake or cakes in the shapes you want them.  Freeze them for several hours.  This makes them much easier to work with and way less fragile. (it also helps when shaping them)

gsandra2 years ago
I think Fondant Cakes are the coolest!

Sandra @
As much as I consider fondant "lazy", that cake looked awesome.

....a thumbs for fighting the hippies and their propoganda
holtt3 years ago
Next up, how to use bondo to make an awesome car!
nikolardo holtt3 years ago
Challenge accepted!
Fondant is very easy to work with and it makes it incredibly easy for anyone to make nice looking cakes, but don't you find the stuff taste terrible? I know I personally will never use or eat it again.
I've never had factory made fondant, so I can't say, but I have made Marshmallow fondant with great success. Lots of people that have tasted both have told me they prefer mine to the crappy store stuff. It's a bit of extra work, but the taste is worth it. Rather than detracting from the cake, it really adds to it, aesthetically and gastronomically. :D
You should post the recipe, I would love to try it:-)
dave spencer (author)  ladyzander993 years ago
I have a rule that I never cut or eat any of my cakes. I have never enjoyed the taste of fondant myself. I see maybe 1 out of 10 people peel the fondant off and just eat the cake.
I can understand why they would do that. It does make for easy to do nice looking cakes, but I find the stuff just taste so bad. I've tried both the Bulk Barn type and a couple of homemade ones, none were edible in my opinion. I used it on my son's b-day cake last year and all the kids at the party hated it. Your cakes do look really nice by the way.
happyjo3 years ago
You are an amazing cake decor artist! :D
ilpug3 years ago
that would be a good instructable: tasty fondant! that would be amazing. oh, and AWESOME cakes!

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