How to Not Forget Fuel Caps




Introduction: How to Not Forget Fuel Caps

This is for anyone who has to remeber their fuel cap because their vehicle is not equipped with a fuel cap holder or cord that attaches to the fuel cap.

Step 1: Removal of Fuel Cap

This is the first step to be able to put fuel in a vehicle. Open the fuel door--if present. Then, remove the fuel cap.

Step 2: Placement After Removal

Many people are tempted to just place their fuel caps on top of their vehicles--this is conveint. The problem is that people often forget to put the cap back to seal their fuel tank.

Simply, carry the fuel cap to your car, open the door, and place the cap upside down into your seat. If you are worried about fuel getting on your seat, place a rag or a few paper towels on the seat first.

Step 3: Fill'er Up

Now that your cap is in a not so easily forgotton spot, go ahead and fill up your tank without worrying.

Step 4: Fuel Cap--not Forgotten

Now when you return to your seat, the fuel cap will be waiting for you to see it--or sit on it--and remember to put your cap back and to shut the fuel door.

Step 5: Finish the Task

Now that the fuel cap is in your hand, just carry it back and place it into its place and shut the fuel door.



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    It does seem a little silly at first thought, BUT, there are some car models that have a pressure sensor in the fuel system that will stall the car after a mile or two. Having to walk back to look for a fuel cap gets old in a hurry.

    Is this a joke? It doesn't seem malevolent, but I mean, it's so detailed for something so simple. Why not just attach a string to the cap and fuel door yourself or something?


    Good idea but it's impractical: not having a rag to hand means fuel drips on the upholstry, or worse, fuel fumes in the car : not fun especially if it's a diesel... plus running round the car to put the cap in the car (if the fuel filler is on the opposite side to the driver) and find your credit card at the same time... and you will eventually fall back into the easy way of putting the cap it on the roof or the rear window...

    When you pump your gas, Don't take your hand off of the nozzle. It doesn't take that long.


    Magnets!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent idea I'm definitely trying that one out, as I all ready lost a couple of fuel caps.

    Grab some real photos and add this instructable to my group.

    here in Turkey its impossible for you to lose the fuel cap since here the employees fill gas for you.We were struggling at fuel at EU since they were self-service.And on top of that,the man puts it on the "table"on the pump

    this is our car


    I just hold the cap while I fill up, or put it on the edge of my tray (I own a little Mitsubishi "Pickup" as you yanks call them) and I haven't forgotten yet *knock on wood*