How to open a Garmin nuvi 3xx or 6xx. (power button fix instructions too!)

Step 3: Power button fix.

Power buttons on the Garmin nuvi usually fail because of the way they are constructed. The button itself is merely soldered to the motherboard, and there is nothing holding you back from pushing too hard, and snapping the connection. In most cases, you can resolder and put a piece of plastic that will reside between the SD card slot and the power button. You will need about 1mm thick plastic. We got ours from the top of a yogurt cup. Wedge the stopper in and put the nuvi back together.
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cashsta2 years ago
Can't thank you enough. Great job.
randleog3 years ago
As a possible alternative fix to the on-off switch issue to the PVC pot solution, can I suggest a hot melt glue gun - a tiny dab of glue in behind the switch after it has been returned to 90 degrees to the PCB seems to do the job. Too much glue and it will enter the SD card cavity so care is needed.
I would like to say thanks for the instructions! It helped me a lot!
Very good tutorial!