How to open a Honda CB/CX/GL style tachometer and Speedometer

Picture of How to open a Honda CB/CX/GL style tachometer and Speedometer
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One day while riding my 1981 Honda GL500 I had the miss-fortune of having the screws that hold the dial face of my tachometer un-thread themselves after 29 years of vibration and cause the face to spin around freely inside the case. Unfortunately the case is not simply screwed together, the front and back halves are held together with a band that has to be removed to split the case apart to fix the dial face. So that is what this instrucatable covers, how to remove the band and take the tachometer apart as well as the speedometer.

This should also work for the Honda CX500 as it uses the same units as well as the early Goldwings and 70's through early 80's CB series bikes with the same style tachometer and speedometers.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need

- Tachometer or speedometer that you want to take apart for some reason

- 1/4" flat bladed screw driver with a tip that comes to a fairly fine point as it will have to get under the edge of the retaining ring to pry it up
- and a pair of pliers
themdg7 months ago

Thanks for this. Got my face plate put back on easy peasy.

etlerd1 year ago
A easier but more destructive way is to carefully cut the ring using a Dremel tool, then drill a small hole on either side of the cut. When reassembling, use a wire through the holes to pull the ends of the ring together. Twist the wire to secure.
lenny253 years ago
Why could I have found this instructable a week earlier before I busted my tachometer on my cb400
Three cheers for you! While I've done this to my '77 GS550, I'm glad to see a write up for all the old Hondas out there. Now, to follow your lead and get cracking (hopefully not literally) on the CB360's tach. Good job!
abadfart4 years ago
wow i was wondering how to do this last night because i want to put my dash lights on my cb 650 in the tac and speedometer so i can mount my mp3 player between them thanks i was going to try it one from the junk yard to see how to do it without risking my set but you did the work for me