Step 3: Reassembly

Once you have fixed your tachometer or speedometer, or thoroughly tinkered with it to figure out how it works :) it is time to put it back together.

1) Before putting the unit back together, take and make sure the mechanism is clean and the screws holding the dial face on are nice and tight.
2) Using the pliers, flatten the ring out some more to make it easier to slide back over the cases.
3) Place the ring over the top half of the case with the pealed open edge facing the back of the case, place the back half of the case over the front and slide the ring down and over the ridges in the two cases so that the front of the ring is seated nicely all the way around the ridge on the front case half.
4) Use the pliers to bend/crimp the ring back down all the way around the case. It works best if you put the jaw of the pliers that is on the front side of the case all the way up against the case and the jaw on back is on the edge of the ring, rock the pliers back as you squeeze the pliers to gently crimp the ring back down. Go around the case again after the first pass to make sure the crimp is nice and tight.
5) Reinstall the clocks back on the bike and test them.