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This Instructable is a collaboration open to anyone who has a method for opening a bottle of beer, or any type of bottle, without a proper bottle opener. If you would like to add your method, make sure you have photos to share, please send me a private message and I'll add you to the list of collaborators.

I'm a bit of a beer snob and I don't approve of twist-off bottle caps. It's kind of like screw-off caps for wine, it cheapens the experience of what's gone into the brew and what you're going to enjoy. So sometimes I do find myself with a nice cold beer, but no bottle opener to be had. We all know there's a good way to do something and a bad way to do something.

Opening a bottle with your teeth is a bad way, I shouldn't need to tell anyone why.

I just saw a video on youtube that used another bottle of beer to open your bottle, that's a similar technique to what we're going to demostrate. So what if you like to drink alone and you need to open your last beer?

Putting the edge of the bottle cap against something and hitting it hard with your hand is also a bad way, especially if you've already been drinking. This will often damage whatever you put it up against and you can break the glass, then you're screwed. Do you risk drinking some pieces of glass? Probably, but there must be an easier way.

So the word of the day is leverage. Have a look at the photos for examples of how to open a bottle of beer with just about anything. Safely, the right way. Enjoy and if you drink, don't drive.

Step 1: Mr. Clean can help.

Well, you know where this is going. So if you want to share your method, just send me a private message.

The 6th image below is a kite pump, just in case you were wondering.
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The iPad 3 charger slides apart for use with international plugs. The 'button' looking part on the inside works well as a bottle opener.

Zeute jimacarroll10 months ago

Thanks! I just used this tip to open a bottle of Coke. (via a Macbook Pro charger ;-))

bwilcox32 years ago
Jeez - why not use one of these...

(disclaimer - I designed this thing)

finton bwilcox311 months ago

Nice design for a bottle opener bwilcox3, but the instructable is called "...without a bottle opener" ...

Love your video though!

JędrzejF1 year ago

I think the best and the simplest one!


bwilcox32 years ago
Jeez - why not get one of these - it's a lot easier!


disclaimer: I am the designer of this thing :)
xcmer3 years ago
I find a penny works well enough with this.
I pry around one half only (that's all you need, really.) then use the penny to lever it off.
ckin13 years ago
this is much better

weakknees3 years ago
so many awesome and entertaining ways of opening beers. I just found another blog about even more ways to open bottles without bottle openers from the maker of the best Michigan beers http://frankenmuthbrewery.com/blog/brewery/cool-ways-to-open-a-beer/
you can even use the latch on your car door to use it. suprising what a bit of drunken ingenuity can do when you got a case of guinsess and no church key to open it
MANY years ago, that was our preferred method... I've looked at the latches on the cars these days and they don't seem to be made as conducive for such uses as they used to be. When I can't find anything else, I'll probably just use a pocketknife that doesn't have that sharp of a blade (wouldn't want to ruin a *good* blade).

Ever since building my own kegerator, I don't drink bottled beer that much, so I don't have any around to experiment with, but it could make for an interesting drinking "game" for a few guys to try to each use a unique apparatus for opening a bottle while working their way through the case of beer one night.
tilthouse3 years ago
"I'm a bit of a beer snob and I don't approve of twist-off bottle caps. It's kind of like screw-off caps for wine, it cheapens the experience of what's gone into the brew and what you're going to enjoy."

Just so everyone is aware, this is not a good analogy.  There are good, technical reasons that regular (non-twist-off) beer bottle caps are superior.  They are much more effective at keeping oxygen out and do so longer.  It's not an aesthetic decision.

But screw-off caps for wine are generally accepted as the superior technology for packaging wine, but corks are seen as better for aesthetic and marketing reasons.
Is a bud light lime cap different then other bottles? Because I can open those with only my hands.
Bud Light bottles have a twist off cap...Yes, this 'ible is for a different kind of bottle, usually your higher end beers (Corona, Heineken, etc)
cr8or4 years ago
Wow, what a bunch of noobs... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDIwYNbBfWI&list=FL_v9WSs84vtnyZIOjNl1Dbw&index=9 now that is an instruction how to open beer with almost everything.
herokid7894 years ago
one does the method usedin the green hornet cont two no pic but grab the bottle in fist then use plower fingers to open
magickzzl4 years ago
The door handle of a Motel 6 works fabulously
Death313134 years ago
a makarov pistol with it's slide locked back makes a great bottle opener (not my picture but it demonstrates the idea)
Phusilly4 years ago
After about 20 years of drinking and an untold numbers of bruises in that tender little spot between the thumb and pointer, I have finally mastered the opening of the bottle with a lighter... You my friend are a true master!
ratty8806 years ago
You can open twist top bottles by "gripping" it with your forearm and twisting with your other hand. The skin on your arm provides enough resistance to open the bottle and it looks really cool.
Delo97 ratty8804 years ago
But it may result in danger if it slips off and the crown cuts you. Hey, I don't want to go to the hospital and make paramedics think that I'm an emo!
ccarlson54 years ago
I use this weird pair of scissors i have in my kitchen! haha, it has a built in bottle opener (well i don't think it's supposed to be used as a bottle opener, but it works beautifully) xD
rread4 years ago
I used my phone
Tim_No0018 years ago
Erm - this is how i did it when i got bored and read this - hope u think it counts - i do this all the time even though i always have a key chain bottle opener on me... happy watching!
Back before the days of screw-tops, we always found some convenient surface to pop the top. One of my friends had a car (can't remember what, some 50's model) that the door handle made a perfect bottle opener, just like on the Coke machine. Otherwise, we'd just hook the edge of the cap over almost anything -- edge of a table, car bumper (back when they were steel), bumper jack -- and just bang the thing with the heel of our hand. That glass is tough, and I never heard of anyone breaking a beer or soda bottle that way.
Since I posted this, I mentioned it to a friend who is in a car club with a lot of 50s & 60s cars. He liked the idea and rounded up an old door handle, I think from an early Plymouth, that worked perfectly for opening bottle caps. It was too rough and the chrome was too badly pitted to use for a restoration, so he cleaned it up a bit, mounted it on a nice stained piece of wood, and screwed it to the wall next to the club's refrigerator. Looks great and works well.

As much use as it gets he thinks the wood will eventually "dent" where the bottle cap pushes against it, but plans on sticking a piece of thin metal at that spot eventually.
I've definitely seen chipped glass on bottles opened that way, so be warned if you want to try the bang-on-top method. I've also seen a lot of spilled beer and blushing faces when it goes wrong :)
pyro136 years ago
I use a bic lighter.
lighters ftw
0.775volts8 years ago
I like your solutions for beers. I wonder if it's possible to open a beer with another beer, that would be awesome! with your method for opening wine: once the cork's in the bottle, the bottle is open, I'd just pour the wine out and play with the string.
@0.775volts: Indeed that can be done, at least with the kinds of bottles we have over her in Europe. With the people I tend to hang out with, the lighter trick is the most common way of opening a bottle, but since I don't smoke and didn't want to ask a smoker for each bottle, I had to come up with something else. The way to do it is to hold one bottle top down and to use that bottle's cap to open the other cap. It can get hard when the glass rim right below the cap is too thick, as is the case with most American brands, I think. Since one of the bottles will be top down, it takes some training to learn to open the right one of the two bottles. And in the end you're always left if one bottle for which you need to figure out a different way of opening it.
wow! my challenge is almost won before it was started! I should specify: I need proof, be it photo or video, that this works. If you want to make an instructable then by all means do so, but let me know, if you win, then I'll say so and you can make the title "how to win a case of beer by opening a beer witn another beer". but it sounds like anderl is close to this prize, so get cracking.
lol the easiest thing is to buy beer with twist off caps
yes! a metallica fan! hi-five lol
lebowski (author)  Kayjay8 years ago
where's the fun in that? it just doesn't feel the same. like wine bottle screwtops, it's a better seal, but not the same emotion as opening up the cork.
Kayjay lebowski8 years ago
yeah true but if im in a hurry to drink thats waht i co for not to mention thats waht most people have here
lebowski (author)  Kayjay8 years ago
ah, that's right, you live in canada. so we can have beer tasting wars. i've never really understood the taste preference between CAN and US. even the micro brews in vancouver, which is where my wife is from, just don't hold a candle to the micro brews here.
lebowski (author)  0.775volts8 years ago
That won't impress your friends. Saying you can open a bottle of wine with a string and then actually doing it is the fun part.
That is a very good point, however, my friends would be like: "enough with the damn magic tricks, make with the drinky!" I still like your solution, but you haven't answered my question: Can you open a beer with another beer? can you make a challenge on instructables? if so i'll give a case of beer (of my choosing, 24 bottles of la fin du monde would bsnkrupt me) to the first person who can open a beer with another beer, with both beers being drinkable (no broken/chipped glass). If more than one winner, the least foamy wins. and... GO!
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