This instructable will show you how to open a coconut with just a hammer the stylish way. I learned this method last year on a sailing holiday.

With this instructable i want to say thank you for the nice sailing trip through the Yasawa Islands in Fiji.

This is my first instructable so please be gentle with me. I'm also a non native english speaker so please correct me where i use inappropriate words.

Step 1: Gather your materials

All you need is a hammer and of course a coconut. The screwdriver is not needed. (Picture 1)

If you got the coconut in a store it probably comes already "bare" so you can skip the "peeling" step.

I got mine from directly under a coconut palm, so i had to peel the bast off (Picture 2, it is the Blue lagoon, yes the one where they made the film)


<p>If you look at the top of the coconut (husk removed), you will see three &quot;Eyes&quot;. Feel around and your will notice that one of the eyes is softer than the other two. Use a screwdriver, or even the back of a spoon with a slim handle to poke a hole. Now you can either stick a straw in or shake the water out into a glass or a canister of your choice. The trick prevents any of the water from getting wasted.</p><p>Once the liquid is out, it is time to get your frustration out. Tap away with a hammer all around the coconut. For the time being keep the taps gentle. The idea is to create vibrations in the shell to the meat inside can get dislodged. Be Patient... After about 4 to 5 mins of tapping (depending on the freshness of the coconut), increase the intensity of your hammering just enough to crack the shell. Will practice your will be able to crack the shell without cracking the ball of meat inside. Once a crack develops, go back to gentle taps and work the crack around the nut.</p><p>Viola!!! </p>
<p>I believe the liquid inside the coconut is refereed to as coconut water, since is clear almost like water. Coconut milk is white and is obtained by squeezing the pulp of the coconut.</p>
<p>Yes! </p>
<p>Thanks for this instructible Don't worry about your English. It's <br>far better than most of our high school graduates these days. Our future<br> politicians LOL</p>
Nice instructable, i liek this one, it's nice to know...I almost stabbed myself several times, my dad's way. (requires holding the nut between your feet on the ground and leaning over ti with a power drill :\)
I tried opening my coconut by putting it in a vice first then drill it , but i tightened the vice too much and it made a really loud crack that was slightly louder than a 20 gauge shot gun. I still got the meat but i was scared
Got a good laugh. Thx
<p>We are planning to move to Costa Rica, so this is such great information to learn! Thanks!</p>
<p>so I'm working my way around and around the coconut, and starting to think this method is rubbish, and pop, off came the top exactly as it did in the picture. This is an awesome post, and a great way to open a coconut. thanks :)</p>
<p>thx so much!</p>
Thanks a lot! It worked perfectly!
<p>Easier than I thought it might be! Thanks!</p>
Brilliant! I used to murder them by nailing the eyes, baking them, etc. This technique I will try, thank you! <br>*Your English is better than mine. Only thing, I think I saw &quot;off&quot; (sic) replacing the preposition &quot;of&quot;.<br>My question: how long can a coconut be stored, 1) before shelling and 2) after cracking? Guidelines, recommendations? <br><br>
<p>Thank you, I fixed the &quot;get rid of&quot; part</p>
<p>Finally I Opened a Coconut ! No more lawn ornaments ! Yeah Thank-You </p>
<p>Thank you! I could never do it without your instructions!!! It is the first time I have it peel the bast off! And nobody else start their instructions from the very first step!!!!!</p>
Mmkay, so I opened my coconut... how am I supposed to EAT it? At least I can still make Monty Python horse FX.
are you suggesting coconuts migrate? i suppose a swallow could have carried it. its not a matter of gripping it…
<p>African swallow or European swallow?</p>
All you neeed is patsy for your clippity clop advetures.
wood floats like???
shes a witch burn her
I know an easiest way to open coconut shell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jK1ogOkGuqU. <br> <br>Enjoy CoCo Easy.
Nice job on your instructable. By the way for all you guys just wanting to know, a rock works just fine. I just went out side and found a fist sized rock and did with it what is described with a hammer here. Yummy coconut!
Anyone have any dynamite???
A hammer, is something i must add to my Emergency Kit.
Great. I will have to try this. Your instructions are perfect. Thanks.<br>
errr.. you grind the white meat, you can add a little water then squeeze the ground meat to get &quot;coconut milk&quot; and mix with something else in a drink, the water inside the shell it the isotonic &quot;coconut juice&quot;. if you poke a young coconut, the juice will squirt out and the best one will taste carbonated/fizzy.
Is there anywhere you can buy a coconut with the husk still on it?
Sorry, I have not seen them in shpos with husk. But maybe there are some specialized fruit shops ...<br />
that ain't how you do it...... u smack it right in the middle! (make sure u do this over a bowl or something, otherwise you will get milk all over the place)
Please note: Coconut milk is an ingredient made from coconut juice, not the liquid already in the coconut. The liquid in the coconut is called coconut juice or coconut water.
Thanks for the clarification<br />
This method is a bit neater. I've seen another method where you use a sharp stick to crack a line along the circumfrenece of the coconut. I think that was on Man vs. Wild lol.
i always cut coconut right in half with my <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/id/homemade-axe-testing/">homemade axe</a><br/><br/>always works your method works good aswell<br/>
where is the clue?
this is going to be very useful if your stranded on a deserted island
not if it doesn't have a coconut tree T.T
Hey, thanks for demystifying this for me! I just picked 8 coconuts from the trees in our yard in Mexico. Using just the claw side of the hammer I stripped those babies down. Then I used a power drill to make small holes in the nut -- one at each pole -- and the water just poured right out. It made a half-gallon of coco water and about a pound of the sweet meat. I found that after draining the nut of its water, the hollow nut is easy to crack into 2 halves, like little bowls, by smacking it against a hard surface. It cracks right around its little equator almost every time. Now, on to the coconut ice cream!
great next time i get a coconut i know how to open it xP if my parents ever let me near a hammer XD 5/5
This is great advice... what a concept! Tapping in a circle. I love it... you can save the main of it & mix a boat drink inside :)
And i always used a powerdrill to create a hole (to drink the milk), and then a big screwdriver to break it open (with raw force). I never actually thought about this method, but i used it before for other things, like breaking bottles in my hand (Kids DONT TRY THAT AT HOME).
hello, nice instructable here in new caledonia ,where I living, we use a pickaxe blocked in a rock or a mining bar, or to give some eat to the pigs we use an axe tu cut in two separate elements. (sorry too for my no-native english) thierry
Good job - all the excuse I need to buy a new hammer!
Hah. Quite an interesting reason.
Handy instructions. I always either used a power drill or a hammer to whack a screwdriver into it so I could drink the juice with a straw, then threw it on the ground until it split open - of course none of mine ever came with a bast. Your method is far more efficient.
great job this is very helpfull ha those coconuts are really ripe
coconuts are AMAZING! this is an easy way to open coconuts. thanks. good english. good instructable also.
Nice Instructable! Your English is very nice, and easy to follow. This may come in hany one day... +5!
Hey, thanks! This really works... I whack it with a file instead of a hammer, great results...

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