HACK PLASTIC CARD ! How to open a lock?

Do you want to know how to open a lock with a plastic card or to be more accurate how to make a key copy with a plastic card? This video is for you. It's easy to make a copy of a key at home. If you lost a key you will be able to open the door without a lot of efforts and expenses. _______________________________________________________________

<p><u>aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwweeeeeesssssooooommmmeeeee</u> No more getting locked out of my own room. This is amazing! Thanks! </p>
<p>Забавно, но практической пользы маловато. Если есть ключ с которого можно сделать пластиковую копию - зачем её вообще делать, можно просто открыть ключом. :-) Наделать копий впрок? Логичнее впрок наделать нормальных металлических копий. :-) Но сама идея клёвая.</p>
great but how... seems like you heat the key and press it into the card to make an impression possibly

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