Step 7: Open the door

Picture of open the door
once you've hooked the doorknob take hold of both ends of the cable and pull back and forth and try to turn the doorknob. this too can take a few minutes but just push on the door a little and be patient and you should be able to turn the door knob and be back in your room!!
jlassen4 years ago
peanut man5 years ago
you go to BYU-I! it rocks! my dad teaches there and its always great to go and do things up there like the library, the concerts, the gym, the planetarium. OOOO and locking the collage students in their dorms with rope. :-) That is hilarious, but the boys just get ticked, the girls flip out and its way funny. :-)
nosut5 years ago
I just thought I should point out but a method that would prob be easyer on this door is to actually just use a credit card or some type of card like that. Since the doors latch has the curved side facing the outside of the room simply slipping a card into place  between the door latch and the jams hole and the door will open with just a push. I have used this method many times on that style door. 
grodbottle5 years ago
hahha lol that was cool and i tested it but th =e floss kept on cnallin and mines a puch down door nob so i did that but the other way round sounds complicated but it worked