Picture of How to open a useless flip phone
This is a basic intractable about how to open an unwanted junky flip phone. Make sure you don't care about it and if it breaks it is not my fault. Again be sure you are not going to use the phone again. Tip: Make sure you do not have the phone on that would be hazordous.
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Step 1:

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Step 2:

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First open the antenna if you can.

Step 3:

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Then open the battery case take the battery out and the sim card if there.

Step 4:

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Next find the screw open them up you will need a small screwdiver.

Step 5: Upper part

Picture of Upper part
now after that we want to try to open the upper half. To do that take a drill and go through the middle joint.

Step 6:

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Next to pry it open go to the top of the phone their should be speaker holes on both sides. Take a flathead screwdriver and pry into the holes. If it does not work try sawing or cutting it out.

Step 7:

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There is no way of turning back again like i said before Use only a Junk phone. Well you have the phone open now it is up to you to find out what to do with it. Hope you liked it. Lastly again if you needed the phone i already told you it should have been a scrap phone.
laffinm1 year ago
Dafuq did I just read
This is a joke, right? What is this actually doing?