Tired of the T8H screws? you can literally get around the problem of the pin in the middle of it.

Step 1: Supplies

One thing. Just get a 2mm slotted (flathead) driver, preferrably electronics grade.
<p>Thanks a lot it got out very easily, Screws are not that tight.</p>
<p>I found out that you can just take a flathead and pry of the pin in the midle then just take a normal trox </p>
ya but what happens when the little thing sticking out of the screw in the middle brakes should i use a T8H screwdriver?
You can tilt the 2mm fkat head 45 degrees and gently unscrew it. Use a small hand towel on the screw driver handle to make it extra gentle. I know this is a 4 yrs latet reply. Just leaving the tip here for others
I had a couple of mine break. I then switched to a 2.4mm flathead. If you can get it lined up with the middle, and you keep at it, it will come out.
<p>THANK YOU SO MUCH this helped me because my rb button broke. I was just about to break my xbox considering i play halo and rb is like the most important button ( besides shoot)</p>
Very thanks for tip man! It's working very well :)
If you have pushed down the center button in the screw use a 5/64 Allen key and you should be able to get the screw out you may even be able to use the Allen key even if the screw is not pushed down I just did this yesterday so I know it works.<br>
It's a good read, use this method at your own risk.<br /> <br /> My bit snapped on the fourth screw. Thank you Lifetime guarantee....<br /> <br /> I'm going to replace it and buy that special one.<br />
ಠ_ಠ <br /> Torx T8 was 2.99USD on ebay, shipped.<br /> <br /> But im always a fan of using the flathead to open stars.<br /> Thats how I open HDD's!<br />
LOL&nbsp;you actually use a screw driver to open hard drives, I take a powerdrill and drill through the screws.<br /> Works great!
this is more so you dont have to go and buy one, you can use a driver you already have. (hopefully)
You should edit the tags to include references to T8H screws, as this doesn't just apply to XBOX 360 controllers it's got wider usefulness.<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />

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