Picture of How to open an XBOX 360 controller without a special screwdriver.
Tired of the T8H screws? you can literally get around the problem of the pin in the middle of it.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
One thing. Just get a 2mm slotted (flathead) driver, preferrably electronics grade.
kwest24 years ago
ya but what happens when the little thing sticking out of the screw in the middle brakes should i use a T8H screwdriver?
KushanA kwest22 months ago
You can tilt the 2mm fkat head 45 degrees and gently unscrew it. Use a small hand towel on the screw driver handle to make it extra gentle. I know this is a 4 yrs latet reply. Just leaving the tip here for others
1337pino kwest24 years ago
I had a couple of mine break. I then switched to a 2.4mm flathead. If you can get it lined up with the middle, and you keep at it, it will come out.
OlecG4 months ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH this helped me because my rb button broke. I was just about to break my xbox considering i play halo and rb is like the most important button ( besides shoot)

anarchia6663 years ago
Very thanks for tip man! It's working very well :)
sdally3 years ago
If you have pushed down the center button in the screw use a 5/64 Allen key and you should be able to get the screw out you may even be able to use the Allen key even if the screw is not pushed down I just did this yesterday so I know it works.
melanton5 years ago
It's a good read, use this method at your own risk.

My bit snapped on the fourth screw. Thank you Lifetime guarantee....

I'm going to replace it and buy that special one.
tyeo0985 years ago
Torx T8 was 2.99USD on ebay, shipped.

But im always a fan of using the flathead to open stars.
Thats how I open HDD's!
LOL you actually use a screw driver to open hard drives, I take a powerdrill and drill through the screws.
Works great!
BuffaloNickel (author)  tyeo0985 years ago
this is more so you dont have to go and buy one, you can use a driver you already have. (hopefully)
lemonie5 years ago
You should edit the tags to include references to T8H screws, as this doesn't just apply to XBOX 360 controllers it's got wider usefulness.