This is something that is very easy to mess up. There are a lot of ways to do it wrong, but one way to do it right. :)

I've been making a lot of jewelry recently and I'd been finding myself spending a lot of time trying to get my jump rings back into shape after opening them the wrong way. Lately I find myself screaming "CURSE YOU, JUMP RING!" significantly less.

Video is on the last step!

Step 1: What You'll Need:

  • two tiny sets of pliers
  • jump rings
  • things to attach jump rings to, like a chain or clasp
<p>THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH</p><p>Dropped my watch on the floor in the bathroom and the stupid things jump ring came off. So much hassle trying to open it and now i have i didnt know how to close it. Bugged me so much so thank you Instructables!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
VERY helpful. Thanks for posting this!
Very nice, simple Instructable! I like encapsulated topics like this :-)<br><br>I've got two questions, though. First, do you happen to know where the term &quot;jump ring&quot; originates? I've tried Wiki, M-W, and Google (&quot;jump ring etymology&quot;); I don't have an OED subscription. <br><br>Second, why is all that stuff you jewellers use called &quot;findings&quot;? Surely not because dumpster diving is the only way to (cough) find it?
You know, I have no idea why they're called jump rings. I remember hearing at some point it was thanks to the way they are made, but I'm awfully foggy on the whole subject.<br> <br> I know that all the miscellaneous bits are called findings thanks to the ways they were made long ago - most tradesmen had to make all settings, clasps, connectors, etc. out of scrap metal. And it's not really just jewellers - I think shoemakers and smiths called some things findings as well. Here's a nice article on findings:<br> <br> <a href="http://www.harlequinbeads.com/cgi-bin/beads/library/article.html?article=LIB00072">http://www.harlequinbeads.com/cgi-bin/beads/library/article.html?article=LIB00072</a><br>
Cool; thank you, Jessy!
Uggh Bad memories here. My pocket watch's chain fell off the clip a few weeks back. The links were a pain in the butt to open and close as they are tiny and an odd shape.
Whoo! It's a very useful bit of knowledge to know that you should NEVER pull jump rings apart! <br> <br>Love the macro photography :D
This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! Have a stupendous day! <br>Sunshiine

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