Step 5: Reassembly

Picture of Reassembly
Insert the charger back into half of the outer casing and then reinsert the spring clips. These clips keep the winding ears either held open or closed so they don't just flop around on their own.

Next replace the winding ears in their little holes in the outer casing.

Then place little dots of super glue at the indicated spots, slide on the other half of the case and clamp them together.
rvedel8 months ago

I tried this as a last resort before getting a new charger. I soldered on the new wire I got off ebay, but no power comes through it. There's a slight humming/buzzing from the charger though. Do you have any recommendations as to what I can do?

mistyfolan2 years ago
Love the guide. However, if you cannot procure a new magsafe cable, there is a guie here on how to repair the old one: http://warrantyvoidifremoved.blogspot.ie/2013/04/repairing-charredburnedbroken-cable-on.html
r540704 years ago
Aaron, well done. One question though, using this same procedure, can I take an old iBook power supply and convert it to a Magsafe power supply? Always nice to have a spare power supply for my Macbook. Thanks.

AaronX2621 (author)  r540704 years ago
You should be able to open them the same way but as far as converting the end theoretically it should be possible. I don't know if the iBook chargers supply the needed wattage that the macbooks require.
Yes, I will have to check on that as I don't recall the wattage of the iBook power supply. Thanks for the info Aaron.
wkjiii4 years ago
Sorry - forgot to mention that you did a very nice job instructable !
AaronX2621 (author)  wkjiii4 years ago
wkjiii4 years ago
How can I avoid this problem in the first place?
AaronX2621 (author)  wkjiii4 years ago
Keep the magsafe end away from liquids that might get inside and gum up the springs, don't bend the cord at sharp angles, don't pull on the cord too hard and don't have pets which chew on things ;)

Sometimes these things just break though.