Step 2: Remove screw

Picture of remove screw
Now you can remove the screw with ease.
If your doing a simple repair, such as replacing a fuse then just go to the hardware store and get some regular screws that match the thread and size.  If your busting into something then just toss the screws.

Hopefully this saves you a trip to the hardware store or having to special ordering security bits to open broken products.
dmanno3 years ago
What good hacker doesn't have a set of Torx-TR bits :P.
A drill press can turn most decent quality Torx bits into TR ones too.
But this is an excellent idea for for any screws that you don't have the driver for, just be careful doing this on the smaller screws because it can significantly weaken the screw head and when you go to turn it it can snap off.
srilyk dmanno3 years ago
So you just have to be careful that first time and replace the screw with some hacker-friendly variety once you succeed. Or just grind the whole head of the screw off and leave that location unfastened ;)
srilyk3 years ago
If you're lucky enough to have a Harbor Freight nearby, you can also just pick up one of these:

Nice work!

lendolyn3 years ago
Oh, duh - I've never thought of that! Thanks for this timely instructable! I have a microwave with safety screws that died suddenly, and was frustrated that I couldn't get it open to tinker with. Being a pretty cheap person, I hated the idea of just chucking it out - I'll have to try this today. Thanks for sharing!
thematthatter (author)  lendolyn3 years ago
let me know how it works
atterack8333 years ago
i use a flat head in the 2 top point thingy s above the pin , alternatively you can use a dremel drilling bit or what ever and remove the pin but i usually go the easier way and buy a set for the one time price of 8 bucks and for 15 bucks you could get the one that has an extender and 4 times the bits but the other ones i have yet to find a screw for but i know i will also you might want to look into the actual screw driver ones but i cant find them they come in handy for resesed screws when your trying not to void a warranty say on a xbox 360 controller (i just use a proper sized mini flat head which has way more uses) but if you dont have time to get a set and you dont have one you already bought with you then go ahead and as long as theres no warranty then this works great and i thank you btw what are you opening in this picture , oh also if you can get to a princess auto store (Canada for sure , i dont know about else-ware) they sell them there with no hassle and no internet buying and worry about oh is it gonna come , am i gonna get the full item i orderd
thematthatter (author)  atterack8333 years ago
your right it wont work for McDonald toys or controllers or anything that is recessed plastic,
I was opening a microwave oven for parts
thats stupid (microwave have sec screws not you lol) and at any rate my microwave was so old the screws wigled themselvs loose over the years and i was able to use my fingers to remove them (literly hand tight lol)
It's funny that you used commas but no periods. What's up with that?
i figured since im comment on everyones comment then id say lol , lol indeed
wow good eye thanks i didnt notice that , i gues its cause i know where to put commas but i cant figure out periods or cause my teacher is always complaining about my lack of puncuation and she says at least throw in a comma so thats all i use ? well i dont know so i gues you never will lol maby if i find out ill tell you also still wondering whats in the pic , it looks like some sort of transmission?
sc13nc33 years ago
How about just getting a set of T security bits? $10 and you can put them back without them being all hacked up. Like the ones used on pinball machines (White Water Topper) I wouldn't want hacked screws placed back in.
zakamooza3 years ago
thats pretty clever :)
atterack8333 years ago
sorry force of habbit im not trying to be annoying
mlongo3 years ago
thats just stupid i got an easier way just get a small flat head and use that to snap the small pin then i can use a regular torex bit d d d d duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh
You don't need to be rude. I don't think this is stupid at all. I think it's a great idea.
i think everyone but the a-hole thinks its a good idea , if i knew this 3 years ago i wouldnt be so broke right now cause id have lots of working stuff instead of buying new ones
till you break you flat head caus its a tiny one , gese just use a correct sized driver ps i tried with a airbag controll unit to break the pin and no go i even hammered at it with the driver to knock it off and no go also rendering the air bag controll useless
mischka3 years ago
Thanks for that. I was always wondering how to open these screws.
Thanks for the idea, this is very good idea, if i do not have a right tool and need to open it urgently. This is great!

p/s sometime, you will not have plenty of times for doing a short time job, just learn what people tried to share the idea... Thanks to them spend a time to prepare those idea. That is why this site is here. Get it? Tools master?