How to Open the 61637 Titanium Nitride Drill Bit Set Index Box





Introduction: How to Open the 61637 Titanium Nitride Drill Bit Set Index Box

Today, I bought this 29 piece titanium nitride drill bit set from Harbor Freight. It was a deal. Only $9.99 for the whole thing, if you have the coupon. For those without coupons, it was on sale for $14.99. Still a good deal. Unfortunately, when I got home, I discovered that I could not open the box. Fortunately, I was not under pressure and had all afternoon to figure it out. It took me about 15 minutes to open it with very little demolition. As is usual for goods made overseas, there are either no instructions or they are undecipherable to humankind. This had no instructions. So, let us sally forth and figure out how to open this box.

Step 1: Look for the Big Yellow Tab

It seems simple from the outset. There is a very large tab with an arrow pointing down, and if you follow normal logic, you find that you can pull that tab out. Now the box should open. But as you huff and you puff, you find that it won't open. You get anxious and look for some way to pry it open. But, you don't want to ruin the beautiful index box. Well the next photos will reveal the secret. Hang on!

Step 2: The Secret to Opening the Box Is a Little Yellow Pin

The little yellow round thing there is the secret. If you can figure out how to get that out of there, you will have opened the box. It is not a screw, bolt, rivet or nail. It is simply a pin of some kind that has a slit that expands slightly to hold it firmly in the hole.

Step 3: As It Is Being Extracted, the Pin Looks Like This

It's a simple little pin but a big headache to extract. You may want to take it to your dentist. He/she may know a good way to extract something like this. Those mean little pincers could conceivably do the job.

Step 4: The Pin Is Very Difficult to Remove Without Damaging It

There is no tool I know of that will open this pin. There is (almost) no way whatsoever to grasp the pin to remove it gently and gracefully. Maybe if you drill a small hole and use a very small screw extractor, you could possibly remove it without much damage. My method was to use a big screwdriver and pry the box open. After that, I discovered how the thing was held together and decided to publish this instructable to help other hapless DIYers with this incredible problem.

Step 5: This Is How It Looks Once You Have the Pin Out of the Hole

Once you have extracted the pin, you see how simple the mechanism is that holds the lid on the box. It is simply a tongue inserted into a matching hole with the pin to prevent it from opening.

Once you have the pin out of the hole, the index box opens as you would expect. Just open it like a book.

Step 6: Voil√°!

So, here is the open box. Simple wasn't it!

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I forgot to mention the tape at the bottom of the box. You need to take that off or cut it along the seam, otherwise you'll be stymied by that hurdle.

Ehat about cutting off the head and pushing the pin thru into the box.

atomfire's idea is the best answer. Just cut the head off of the pin, and push the headless pin into the box. Open the box, find the pin and discard it. You'll never need it again.

Thank you for your Instructions.I would not have figured out how to open the box without your Web post. I used a screwdriver and was able to dislodge the post and remove it.

Thanks. Saved a ton of "work". Glad to have found this web site. The Internet can be a very useful place! You did good.

Glad to be of service. Judging from the number of views, it looks like we are in good company.

Thank You so much to taking the time to create these instructions. This saved a ton of "vocabulary expanding" comments. Now if the drills are half as good as the packaging, we're good to go :)

Thanks for your affirmation. In my opinion, the drill bits seem to be pretty good. Especially, if you only paid $9.99 or even $12.99 for them. The variety of diameters is very useful, and they cut some rather hard materials. I may have had to replace one in the months (years?) I have used them.

Happy to be of service!