How to Open the Apple Remote


Introduction: How to Open the Apple Remote

I think is a stupid thing but i spend many hours to try to open the apple remote for changhe the battery or only for have a lokk inside..
i try many different thing and in the end i open it whith a knife..after i had open it i found the correct system...

Step 1: Open

Put the bottom of the remote up, find a little circle on the plastic and push it whith a pen or a little screwdrive..
is very more simple to do then to say...

Step 2: Finish!

Now change the battery o simply have a look inside..

bye thank's for the time...



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    it is in the manual... i have one. i too wondered at the actual need of this instructable. on the positive side though, he/she/it took really good pictures demonstrating what to do!

    on my macbook manual there isn't instruction about the opening of the remote...

    the same remote comes with the universal ipod dock, and it tells you how to open it in its manual. but, i bought the dock expecting the menu button to allow you to navigate the menu's. you cant... the button does nothing.

    If you get an apple tv, which uses the same remote, you might find yourself with an increasing need for a menu button.

    If you bought a macbook some years ago the remote was in the package, and wasn't write how open it... ciao

    Personally, I thought it was pretty obvious how to open it

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     i just got a mac and was wondering how to do it, but wasn't curious enough to find out how to open it.

    Apple wants to make their product so stylish that we need to figure out how to open the battery compartment of the remote!

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    Styling is one thing and Design is another one... Design is not Styling... hello

    ahh you understand what I meen..

    never mind, i forgot apple remotes aren't nuclear powered...................yet...........

    why would you need to open it? how can 6 buttons and an led break? nice presentation though

    good review, It is amassing that a company making such brilliant products gets people confused. (It is less simple than my iMac)

    People need a manual for that? Isn't it entirely self explanatory? Although, since there is an apparent need for an Instructable, I guess not.....

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    That said, this is quite well presented :) A+

    I thought MacBoys don't read their manuals... their things just work right?

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    Yeah, we macboys use them so much that they run out of batteries. :)

    they work until they have to change the batteries.