How to Organize Your Calendar With Bottle Caps!





Introduction: How to Organize Your Calendar With Bottle Caps!

You recycle the bottle, so you might as well recycle the caps too!

There are tons of ways to re-use/upcycle bottle caps and this instructable will show you how to turn bottle caps into organizational magnets!

What you'll need:
Bottle caps
Mod Podge sealer/glue
Mod Podge Dimensional Magic - you can use resin instead but MP takes less effort and there's less clean-up
Paint brush
1" circle punch (usually found on the scrapbooking aisle)
Printer and paper - or you can write the words by hand
Lighter & Gloves - these will be used at the same time and it is important to have the gloves!
Needle or something with a sharp point at one end - I'm using a pick tool, found at any hardware/tool store
Magnets - preferably circular and I'm using the ones that have about 6 lbs of pull, which is slightly more than the average frig magnet



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Great Idea to upcycle your bottle caps. For me a step-by-step Instructable is not necessary. The pictures are descriptive enough. Thanks for sharing.

This would make a great step-by-step Instructable, and probably be more useful for anyone who wants to recreate this.