Step 6: Shaping It

This step gives the starfighter a more slim (aerodynamic) shape. Fold one leg to the side so that it flattens out at the bottom. Fold one of the top sides so that the bottom follows the crease from the leg and the top isn't quite at the point. Repeat on other sides.
Very nice variation on the frog base, and not nearly as complex as other x-wing designs I've seen. I could teach this one to grade-school kids.
<p>I was doing awesome until i hit step 6 and I got sooooooooooo lost. can u explain it better please? Mine looks ok, but its a little lopsided and becuz i was befuddled on step 6 it messed up 7, too. thx!</p>
<p>Hell Yeah i&acute;ve done it</p>
<p>Great, thanks ! I also found a site to print your own coloured template for this xwing origami. The result is just amazing ! http://xwing-origami.com </p>
can u make a video?<br><br>
<p>very good amd not too camplicated like some others! thx for the help!</p>
Whoa! I have already folded one of these without ever seeing this instructable or instructions! Great minds...
It is so easy
This is known as a preliminary base. NOT A DIAMOND OR SQUARE!! And the other is a waterbomb base. NOT A TRIANGLE!!
I think this is a squash fold
People it is just an umbrella base
got it finnaly<br>
I am lost
i dont get this step, can u post more photos
im right there with you<br>
how did you come up with this?<br>
As I said at the end of this instructable, it is not my design. I learnt this from a friend a while ago but I'm not sure of the source.
I have read all of the comments and updated a few of the steps. Please let me know if there is anything else that needs more/less detail.
I soooooooooo dont get step one!!!Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!respond soon please
After you have made all of the creases, fold it in half along the straight edge. Pinch the two sides and push them into the middle. The paper should look like pic two. If you still can't get it, look up how to make a &quot;square base&quot;
this is pretty cool....i never got to finish it..make it clearer what to do please... :)
I can't figure out how one gets to pic 3 in Step 3. When I fold the edge in as described in the first two pics, they meet in the middle at an angle, not straight across as shown in pic 3. And the bits sticking out in pics 3-5...from the directions, all I come up with was another elongated diamond.<br><br>Maybe I need Origami for Dummies.
It might just be the blurry photo, because you have it correct. The edges should slant slightly downwards and meet in the middle. I'm not sure what you are asking with the second part of the question, but are you making sure that you are using a side like in pic 1 and not a smooth side? Let me know how it goes.
yah i think he was seeing an existing crease (happened to me too)
In the second part of the question, I'm referring to the pictures as if they were numbered 1 through 5, from left to right. In Picture 5 (the far right picture), there are what looks like little wings on the right side of the project, sticking out from the previously folded inward sections. After folding everything inward and then reversing the folds as indicated, I still end up with an elongated diamond shape rather than the arrowhead sort of shape pictured. I have also found it impossible to continue past this point without ripping the paper.
A video would be exellent, or more pics
I started this and failed it too.<br><br>http://www.union.ic.ac.uk/scc/icsf/library/history/picocon22/xwing/folding.html has a MUCH better photo guide...
Hurtful, but it is actually a different X-wing design.
I love the concept, and I think it might be doable, but I think something that might clarify things a bit is a video. Just make a quick video of how you did it so that we might not be confused and bewildered.
i did it!!!
Looks like there are some missing steps and confusing instruction. Also looks like some of the pics are out of order. I made it to here and then I was totally lost. I would really like to use this instructable. Hopefully you can update and make corrections.
I think you've made a mistake here - based on the later pictures you appear to have folded down all but one of the sides, rather than only one.<br>Also, I assume &quot;repeat step 2&quot; ought to read &quot;repeat step 3&quot;.<br><br>Besides that, lovely instructable. I now have a lovely X-Wingoid sat by my keyboard.
you forgot to add, that after you have all the flaps done in the last step, to turn the 'page' so that it looks like the right side of picture one.
for those of you who turn out with a triangle instead of a diamond, just turn it inside out and fold along the creases already made.
Am I right to assume that after flattening, each of the four &quot;pockets&quot; must be folded to the inside at the center fold? Otherwise I can't seem to achieve the last picture.<br><br>I'm having great difficulties with the descriptions and the unsharp photos ...
I can get to photo 2 of this step (3), but I cannot duplicate any folding to move on to photo 3 or beyond.
Step by step pictures or more detailed steps would be helpful, I am having trouble getting my paper to look like the last picture.
Added extra pictures to step two and step three, hope they help.
My son and I are having difficulty with this step. We get it to look exactly as it should by the end of step 2 but are not understanding how you get it to look like the first picture in Step three from the last picture in Step 2. A little help or more pictures would be appreciated! My son is super excited to fold this fighter.
These are way too awesome!
thanks for the 'ible, my son and I just built two together!
I like the angular shape. It reminds me of the Arwings from Star Fox.
If you put a picture of the final project as the intro picture I'd be happy to feature this awesome Instructable!
Thanks! This is my first instructable so I'm still learning =)

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