Have you or will you ever found yourself running from a Rhino?
Learn how to outrun, and outsmart, a Rhino!!!
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Step 1: Confrontation

Rhinoceros' are primarily found on the continent of Africa.
The most important thing to remember that when a Rhino is chasing after you, it is running out of primal fear of be the stronger of the two (don't cry).

Step 3: Natural Enemies

When being chased, look for some natural advantages.

The first being the tree.
*A tree can be a great friend to you. If you don't believe me, then read Shel Silverstein's THE GIVING
*While running, climb up a tree. The Rhino will loose sight of you and eventually give up, or he will
run unto the tree and get stuck.

The second being a cliff.
*The cliff a last ditch effort, granted you find one.
*Run toward a cliff and dodge out of the way of the Rhino.
*The Rhino will probably run of the cliff and most likely die.

Step 4: Relax!

If you have implemented one of the strategies successfully, you will have, hopefully, lived!
So sit back and relax!!!
You have out ran and out smarted a Rhino!

Step 5: Closing Comments

This is not based on expierience or reliable zoologists.
However, this is what I would do if confronted with a charging Rhino.

Warning!: Do not go out and try to be chased by a is not a smart move.

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Google Images: for providing photos