Picture of How to out run a Rhinoceros
Have you or will you ever found yourself running from a Rhino?
Learn how to outrun, and outsmart, a Rhino!!!
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Step 1: Confrontation

Picture of Confrontation
Rhinoceros' are primarily found on the continent of Africa.
The most important thing to remember that when a Rhino is chasing after you, it is running out of primal fear of you...so be the stronger of the two (don't cry).

Step 2: Now What!?!?

Picture of Now What!?!?
So if your running and do not know what to do next, slow down.
Stop and wait for the Rhino to come to you.
At the last moment, jump out of the Rhino's path. Rhino's can not see straight, so this method is the most effective against them.

Step 3: Natural Enemies

Picture of Natural Enemies
When being chased, look for some natural advantages.

The first being the tree.
*A tree can be a great friend to you. If you don't believe me, then read Shel Silverstein's THE GIVING
*While running, climb up a tree. The Rhino will loose sight of you and eventually give up, or he will
run unto the tree and get stuck.

The second being a cliff.
*The cliff a last ditch effort, granted you find one.
*Run toward a cliff and dodge out of the way of the Rhino.
*The Rhino will probably run of the cliff and most likely die.

Step 4: Relax!

Picture of Relax!
If you have implemented one of the strategies successfully, you will have, hopefully, lived!
So sit back and relax!!!
You have out ran and out smarted a Rhino!

Step 5: Closing Comments

Picture of Closing Comments
This is not based on expierience or reliable zoologists.
However, this is what I would do if confronted with a charging Rhino.

Warning!: Do not go out and try to be chased by a Rhino...it is not a smart move.

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