How to package dogtags with vacuumed formed ABS plastic ==Made it at TechShop==

Picture of How to package dogtags with vacuumed formed ABS plastic ==Made it at TechShop==
Ever clean out a room in your house only to find a small token that is attached to a bigger, more significant memory?  Well I have!  Those trophies from a sports league or a challenge coin from a community you once belonged to are just two examples of memorabilia that elicit a powerful response.  A sense of belonging, accomplishment, or honor is usually attached to these types of trinkets and thats exactly what I wanted my fans to experience when they held LevelBF dogtags.

Attaching a physical object to a specific time period in your life makes memory lane that much more fun when you take the stroll years later.  While the bubbly recollection may be the ultimate goal, it will never happen if fans never actually receive that special gift.  Then it hit me, I needed to take a page from Apple’s playbook and make the very act of unboxing an item more special for their friends and customers.  Enter Frank, my resident Techshop guru.  Frank suggested that I begin by forming simple trays that would hold a set of tags plus the neck and toe chains.  He suggested that I try and vacuum form a tray to hold a full set of dogtags, complete with silencers and chains.

This may not be the best possible way to tackle this problem, but this was my first attempt at a saleable package and just like everything else, this is only the beginning of a journey that will lead to better things.  I have already moved on to a newer, cheaper solution but you will have to check out my next instructable to see the next iteration!
Mielameri1 year ago
Cool concept
Yte (author)  Mielameri1 year ago
Thanks for your comment!

Nice work!

Yte (author)  AzzysDesignWorks1 year ago

Thank you!

jsyriac1 year ago
Great concept/execution! :)
Yte (author)  jsyriac1 year ago
Thanks for your support! I appreciate the comment :D
Yte (author)  Wroger-Wroger1 year ago
Thanks for the heads up on this new material! I wish I had done more research before "just doing it"

I'll keep this in mind next time I vacuum form anything!
Yte (author) made it!1 year ago

Just like the computer screen says, "Thanks 4 all your support!" I never imagined I would get this many views on a project.


I'd like to get my hands on the product, can I've the link too?
Yte (author)  primitivepickle1 year ago

Of course! I think I may put them up on Amazon because my studies are getting tougher and I may not have the time to dedicate to this project. Thanks for your interest and comment!

Where did you make it?

Yte (author)  FreakCitySF1 year ago

The tags themselves came from overseas packaged in poly bags in yet a bigger poly bag. I made the Black tray on the Vacuum forming machine at Techshop San Jose. Thanks for the comment!

wcrain11 year ago
I want a dogtag lol
Yte (author)  wcrain11 year ago

I will be setting up a website to help me sell them, I'll make sure to throw a link your way when I do :D Also try to keep a design in mind, so we can make truly personalized tags!