How to Paint a PS3 Controller Call of Duty Camo Style Part 2





Introduction: How to Paint a PS3 Controller Call of Duty Camo Style Part 2

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I describe the process to paint a PS3 controller camo style and reassemble it.



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    if i were to skip the sanding and water stuff and just paint it as is. would it rub off or flake off? cause im ok, with re-painting every now and again. i just dont want green hands lol.


    I have paint my Xbox 360 controller, but with the week (maybe 3 or 4 weeks), the paint started to wear off. Is your doing that?

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    Mine has been painted for the past 4 months and paint has not faded. Key is to sand down the surface (shown in part 1) , wash with soap and warm water and after the painting use the clear coat to protect it.


    It's what I did, actually. Maybe my paint was not good enough quality.
    now I can even scratch the paint off just by rubbing my finger on it. I can't use it to play, as my hand become green! Lol :)
    I guess I will need to try more expensive paint the next time!