Making my child's room as special as possible became my goal when I found out I was pregnant. The whole "nesting syndrome" hit me hard and I knew that I did not want just some wooden letters on the wall spelling his name. I love Pooh bear and decided that his room was going to be the hundred acre wood.

So I got out my sketchbook, my laptop and began to make notes and save pictures by the hundreds. I loved many of the pictures online but it was hard for me to print them and like the feel of them. so I went to the dollar store and got some coloring books for kids for Winnie the pooh, and there it all begins.

STEP 0: Google to your hearts content until you like a THEME. It can be as simple as a tree outline for your bedroom or as complicated as my child's full bedroom mural, it all depends on your time (and if you happen to know an artist, just ask them if they would not mind filling in the details)

Lets begin...

Step 1: Step 1: Prep the Walls

Yeah, I know it sounds dumb. However when you are going to be spending hours and hours making sure that you can look at this wall and not cringe, it is important that your finished masterpiece does not come apart because there was oil on the wall.

  1. Clean the walls: Just grab a rag, spray some water diluted soap on the wall and scrub, then grab another damp rag and clean it. Acrylics and paints will adhere better to a clean wall.
  2. White out: White out any existing attempts at murals or kid doodles that are on the wall.
  3. Make your horizon: Since we will be making a full wall mural, a horizon will give us a guide to placement

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