Step 3: Take Apart Your Controller

use YouTube and figure out how to take apart your controller. make sure that you wash the controller and dry it before painting it helps 
the paint stick because it removes skin oils when you take apart your controller store all screws and parts in Ziploc bags.
I spray painted the 1st controller darker black with neon green L1 L2 and R1 R2 buttons....I painted the 2nd controller blue with neon orange L1 L2 & RI R2 buttons..... thnxx a lot....
This is my most recent work of an Xbox controller i was commissioned to do by my friend.
i added bullet buttons found here <br> http://armymad.co.uk/ps2%2Cps3-controller-bullet-button-sq-tr-ci-cr-brass~81 <br>and it looks awesome.
Constructive criticizem is welcomed and or how yours turned out

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