This is a quick tutorial on how to paint your xbox.
Any ideas for the black xbox? No one ever seems to think that most people have black ones instead of white :3 (i'm one of those peoples)
good tutorial...I think I'll have to try this and you kinda remind me of ferris beuler...off topic, but whatever.
I second the ferris beuler comment.
I third it.
i sixtenth it o i mean 4rth it
I fifth it.
i 7th it (i dont like the # 6)
whell if your going to skip six than ill 6th it
thats the way to do it lol
scaredy cat.
i frown upon you! = (<br/>
YES, but my name isn't DWIGT! lol
lets see how far we can get this over
So how is life?
I LIKE NOODLES! just sayin'
tacos. . . burritos . . . enchiladas . . . quesadillas . . . fajitas . . .
dont forget about pizza.
come on move over further!
yes yes yes!
lets see how far we can get it
I am not sure how much further we can get. . .
oh im sure you can get it over further if you try
but then again i could be wrong
my guess is that if you keep going long enough it will make everything one letter in a single column buy the way
probably...I wanna see it happen!
getting close...
wow this is a very stubborn website...
i hate to say this but if there were more adds on the page we would have hit them by now and it would be at its limit now we just have to persevere and we will be triumphant...
wow it's almost at the edge of the webpage.
im guessing maybe more posts and we should hit the side this is one
that was supposed to read "im guessing maybe seven more posts and we should hit the side this is one" so tequnically this is two
this is three
lol the text box where u enter text is almost un-seeable without scrolling
I have done it!
did we win?
I say yes!
I wonder what else can happen if we go far enough
i am side scrolling already but I can still see a profile pic without scrolling, keep going!
I can already side-scroll it! furtheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Its over pretty far but I can still see it without having to scroll
Well then... we're just not trying hard enough... POST MOAR!!!
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! cammel8 you must have a large monitor because I can't see it without scrolling, well I guess thats because I am on my laptop . . .
We should keep this going until chuck norris says to stop.

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Bio: I'm an amateur custom painter that loves to share all the cool tricks that i learn along the way.
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