Picture of How to paint an amazing space scene
First off, this is my first Instructable, so please give me feedback on how I'm doing. =)

Spray paint space scenes are fun and with a little bit of practice, you can make paintings to amaze all your friends and family.

Okay, so lets learn how to paint amazing space scenes, like the one below!

You will need:
-Poster paper (must have a glossy side!)
-Spray paint (the more colors the better)(oh, and glossy paint works the best)
-Circular objects
-Rubber gloves (optional)
-magazine or newspaper pages

Step 1: Chose your colors, then spray them.

Picture of Chose your colors, then spray them.
Put your poster paper glossy side up (I cut my posters into halves or quarters to make them more manageable). Get an idea in your head of where you want your planets/moons/stars, and also what colors you want them.

Pick two colors for each planet/moon (my colors are yellow and red for my planet and blue and pink for my moon).

Spray the colors on top of one another in the general area you want the planet and moon. It's okay to spray larger areas than you need, in fact it's good to do to insure there is no white showing through on the edges of your soon-to-be planets.

Generally speaking it's best to spray the lightest color first, then the darker one, but you can do it either way.
SaphyreP6 months ago

I would really love to start spray paint art but I have asthma. Do you think I could use a regular cleaning mask to keep the chemicals away from me?

2 questions.

Anyone try this with the super cheap Walmart paints (colorplace)?

Has anyone done this to their wall?
I was wondering if anyone had tried it on a wall, too. It would look awesome as a feature wall with glow in the dark paint :)

Now I just need to find somewhere in the UK that sells spray paint cheaply lol
You can paint on a wall I suggest you spray paint the area with white 6x to get the glossy affect
I thought this was going on a wall when I first saw the instructable.
Yes, I do art like this all the time with colorplace spray paint, To me it works really well.
same here
jordanb111 months ago

what paper did you use and what size, i need help with the paper size thanks

noahaz76511 year ago

I would recommend spray black over your colors so it does not rip off the colors you sprayed and it gives it more depth once its completed.

I totally agree with you.

A friend showed me this at camp, and he did it that way too. Except he would use either black OR white, depending on which better worked with the color scheme.

Duseg1 year ago

i made it! love this instruction!

only i made it with acrylic paint. i just applied this technique to my situation.

wall-e and eve 2.jpg

Nice to see these techniques. I found the course that teaches you all techniques about how to spray masterpiece within short time



Jenny Gump1 year ago

I greatly appreciate your time and effort in posting this video. For the longest time I've been looking for a wall decor with space as its background, but could never find the perfect one. I'm a HUGE space fanatic and this helped me so much! I even started my own profile just to thank you haha but thank you, you saved me time and money.

Z0M8I33 years ago
This is GREAT! Thanks for sharing!
I have a sneaking suspicion you did a bit of street art and graffiti back before you decided to try this lol! Just saying nice job there and we'll done instructable :)
ppprfldr6 years ago
i've known how to do this but not the mountains. can you make an instructable on how to do them? and pyramids if you know how, pleez?
Suzll (author)  ppprfldr6 years ago
Yes, I am going to make a Space Paintings Part 2 Instructable within the near future outlining all of the different techniques I know. Keep your eyes peeled, Thanks!
Crucio Suzll3 years ago
They've been peeled for 2.5 years now, Suzll. :-p
Great instructable! I did it in under 15 mins and its the first piece of art ive made that i actually like lol. saved me on a project about scale too. attached is a picture of the picture. Im goign to add some fine details with acryllics because my professor demands 2 materials but i like it the way it is now! i forgot to add the planets shadows but oh well.
Wow! Too cool! I wish I'd known about this technique 10-15 years ago when I was helping a kid create exhibits for our county fair. Maybe I can incorporate it into some halloween decorations or something. It is too good not to try.
d1ndian4 years ago
is that your video on youtube, where a person makes one in 10 seconds or something?
Awesome instructable!
lil larry4 years ago
Like art? Like art contests? Well, please visit the following link:

Youre my new favorite person for sharing this! I have a painting I got on a trip as a kid that I watched the guy paint on the street just this style, always wanted to try it myself :D Soo excited to go shop for spray paint colors.
lol same here^^
I had a poster made on the streets of greece maybe 8 years ago...
Ditto. Streets of San Francisco. I still have it. x)
evindrews4 years ago
Amazing! I did something like that in art class the other day! (well, not the way your doing it, but yours is still WAY better)
ilikepie=)5 years ago
If you place your paper on a carpet then step on it and then smear your poster it looks bettter
saidthety6 years ago
These are all really cool paintings. I just have one thing to add- To make meteors/shooting stars, tun your spray can upside-down so that the nozzle in touching your poster. Lightly press down on the bottom of the can, and TADDAH! A Meteor!
Suzll (author)  saidthety6 years ago
Yes I love painting meteors! Only sometimes if you angle the can too far down, you get something that looks like a flying hotdog! Thanks!
Valeil Suzll5 years ago
or if you are making a meteor shower, and you tap it down too hard, it might bust the nozzle. ...I miss my yellow...
Valeil Valeil5 years ago
Well actually it didn't bust the nozzle, it just bent it... :/
vader1506 years ago
could you please explain how to do the mountains/pyramids. These paintings are awsome. Thanks for explaining the process
Valeil vader1505 years ago
there's a video on youtube that shows how to do it. Just look up 1 Minute Space Painting.
Valeil vader1505 years ago
I'm sure it's very similar to the planets, just use a rectangle instead of a circle.
Valeil Valeil5 years ago
Or, you know, the corner of said rectangle. Or a triangle.
I saw someone doing something like this at a strip in Dallas and it was amazing and I remember wishing I could do something like it...THANK YOU!!!
omg i saw that guy too! hahaha wait down by the West End? lol
Yes!!! That was it. Maybe we saw each other and didn't even know and now here we are on the www and found each other...LMAO...it was really cool.
P.S. It was deep ellum!!!
Haha that's awesome
Suzll (author)  moonlilymad7116 years ago
calcitrix5 years ago
Great stuff! I've done this with kids even (gloves a must) and they are always amazed at how easy it is. Your shading is great--I haven't gotten that good yet.
zombiefire5 years ago
i have made a few and will post some pictures soon
i am also selling paintings of my own design and
you can tell me a design that you want and wether you want a frame and i shall sell it to you for a reasonable price

email me at

Foaly75 years ago
You said that you can also make alien cities. How would you go about painting those cities?
007dna Foaly75 years ago
 Get kitchen utensils to make cities. Then lay them out in a building-like pattern. Paint. 
Foaly75 years ago

This is epic. It looks kind of like a screen view from Star Trek or Zathura.

webman38025 years ago
Amazing effects for such a simple technique!  We're doing a space-themed Bible school this summer and I'll probably try some for that.  Do you have any suggestions on making a planet with rings?  Or other space objects like a comet or nebula?
vanyell5 years ago
Great paintings. I am an artists myself but never thought of doing this, came along at the right time, I was trying to think of something to paint on the case of a pc mod I'm doing, Thanks!
talonsblade5 years ago

These look realy awsome and i might do something like this only in a larger scale for my childs bedroom. i have a question though. how would you do the start speckle on a ceiling.  i understand why it works on a picuter, gravity pulls pant down, but i dont think it will work so great on the ceiling.

Wasagi5 years ago
usbmod6 years ago
i seen a guy doing this in downlotw victoria bc when i was 6 i got 2 paintings 1 of space with like this awesome river thingy its unbelivable and the other one(my moms) is a bird flying in space or something but its soo kool i luv em both stilll have em
yeah, that guy does good work
rookie16 years ago
Really Good! Very good instructable.
r3ckless0076 years ago
I seen stuff like this but you red planets are kickass
Suzll (author)  r3ckless0076 years ago
Thank you very much!
i dont get it... this guy tells you your drawing as kickass, this guy tells him to STFU, and you say thank you to him? and BTW sweet paintings! you should sell them for like a million dollars each ;)
Wow, well done! I will have to try this. How did you do that incredible solar flare effect in picture 5 of step five?
Suzll (author)  Spl1nt3rC3ll6 years ago
To make the solar flares, you make a normal planet that is yellow and white with a touch of red, cover it with a lid and when you finish the sky, take the lid off add another layer of yellow to make it look like it's glowing, and crumple a magazine page up and start dabbing around the star a bit. The sky should still be wet, so you have to work fast, but the paper should mar the black a little to make it look like solar flares. Hope this helped!
This was great! I just tried it today, but my circular object wasn't very heavy (a bucket lid). Now I'll have to try those solar flares! Thanks. This is the result:
this was my second try i made a stencil of a horse and kept that black for the silhoutte but everything else was pretty much the same technique!
ive seen this done before online. are you the original maker of this idea of did you steal it
atrus7136 years ago
how did you do the little flares comeing off the sun in the 5th pic?
how did you get the white line around the planets?
Suzll (author)  Talk2thetrees6 years ago
Sometimes when you cover it with a lid and it is still too wet, the lid kind of cuts into the spraypaint and lets the paper show through. It's kind of an accident but sometimes it helps the planet show up better. Thanks.
I have to tell you.... this was so simple to do.. i've only done about 4 of them and I LOVE IT!! here's one I did.
Suzll (author)  the_sandypants6 years ago
That's really good! I love the planet on the right it looks so much like Earth! Thanks so much for sharing!
Shut Up Now6 years ago
man.. i wish i had that much variety in spray paint. if i do someday, i will try this.
Suzll (author)  Shut Up Now6 years ago
You actually can do this technique with only a few colors. Even just black and white will do. Thanks!
that looks amazing like it almost 3D it's so awsome
i have a friend called sarah lucas who has some of her work in tate modern and i showed this to her the other day and she said that ideas are made to be shared and this one is brilliant! Well done
Suzll (author)  brillbouncer6 years ago
Ideas are indeed made to be shared, Thanks, and tell your friend thanks too!
FANTASTIC WORK!!! I can't wait to try this.
Suzll (author)  forestmoonstudio6 years ago
Thanks a lot!
fuzvulf6 years ago
Great Instructable. Are you familiar with frisket? When doing mural sized space scenes it is almost indispensable. Mixing media can also do amazing things. You can also use an old toothbrush for galactic arms, just dip the toothbrush in some paint sprayed out in a lid, then with gloved hands scrape a finger across the bristles, nice little stars appear on the painting. Stiffer*(cheaper) toothbrushes make smaller stars. You may want to include a warning about wearing a painting mask when spray painting. When I was commissioned to do a ceiling space scene I came out looking like a coal miner. P.S. I love your avatar, :) wonder why?
Suzll (author)  fuzvulf6 years ago
Yeah frisket, the masking stuff? On large murals I can see how it is useful. Mixing media is really cool on these paintings, you can go in with some acrylics or oils and paint whatever you want! I forgot about a warning to use a painting mask...I always work outside to insure plenty of ventilation. Thanks for the reminder! P.S. I like your avatar too, I love kitties! :D
hdirnberger6 years ago
oh wow thats awesome im going to try that tomorrow when my parents leave for work so they cant tell me not too!!XD
Never seen this before, I guess I'm in the minority here! I think it looks badass, very ingenious use of overspray; though it always draws the ire of me when refinishing lol.
They do this at my local swap meet (flee market) They bring in a huge crowd and he sells them, an 8x10 for $13 and a 15x15 for close to $30 ! Great deal to me! Plus they even do custom ones, like colors and planets and aliens hah Great business ! Give it a try one day but be sure to go easy on the prices when you first start :) :) :) :)
Suzll (author)  chrystopherlewis6 years ago
Yes, you can make some serious money if you are really good at it!
Phalstar986 years ago
Awesome! I couldn't wait to try it but didn't have much time. So I did it in about 3 minutes. Definitely wait for the planet surface to dry before covering it with a lid or circular object, otherwise you get a ring like I did, but I was in a rush. I didn't think it would come out looking so great since I had no practice, but not bad for a first time!
Suzll (author)  Phalstar986 years ago
Yeah I get rings a lot, but it doesn't bother me too much. Isn't it cool that you can paint them so quickly?! Do you have any pictures of the one you did?
WOW.... i always wondered how to do something like that... looks awesome. ever tried it on something bigger? say mmmm a wall? i would love to have my room look like this :D THANKS A BUNCH
Suzll (author)  plasticpopcorn46 years ago
I thought about doing my room like that, maybe trash can lids for the planets? It would be cool, but you'd need a lot of spray paint Thanks!
ok, I just created one of these paintings (i did the same as the example in this 'ible), and it looks AMAZING!!! I love this!
Suzll (author)  TechNerd10126 years ago
Awesome! Do you have any pictures of it?
Nibbler196 years ago
Wow, very neat. This would make a good backdrop for something. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the great Instructable!
Suzll (author)  Nibbler196 years ago
Send me pics if you make any paintings, Thanks!
playdead3216 years ago
Amazing work!! I have got to try this very soon!!! Thanks for the instructions; they're very clear and easy to follow _
Suzll (author)  playdead3216 years ago
Thanks so much! Send me pics if you make any paintings!
superbee4446 years ago
This rocks my socks! I ganna have to try it and how did you get the yellow glow around the 5th pic so real looking?
Suzll (author)  superbee4446 years ago
I made that star by making a whit and yellow planet with a touch of red, and then after I completed the sky, I sprayed more yellow around and on the planet; then took a crumpled up paper and blotted it until it looked right. Thanks!
That is awesome! Thank you for sharing!
Suzll (author)  NathanWilliams6 years ago
No problem, thanks!
l8nite6 years ago
thats SWEET! Ck out www.wetcanvas.com, its a forum 4 artists of all mediums
Suzll (author)  l8nite6 years ago
Thanks, I'll check it out.
Wow! This is so amazing! I love the faint white line that is sometimes left by the circular stencil- it gives that really realistic looking effect of the light coming around all edges of planet. I can't wait to try this.
Suzll (author)  daviesshelby6 years ago
A lot of times I try and get rid of that white line, but it does make the planets stand out a bit more. Thanks!
wow! Great job! The planets look kinda 3D in a way
Suzll (author)  TechNerd10126 years ago
Nice instructable. Yeah, I'm surprised no one's posted this before (or at least - I've never seen it. I've done this only twice and I must say, both times were a lot of fun and came out amazing. It's really easy to do. My only problem was that the covers I used had a slight inner lip in addition to the outer lip. It ended up creating lots of problems but, it still came out nice. :) I may post a pic of my two but I'm going away today for 5 days, so I'll post it later. If you're even THINKING about doing it, go for it. Don't doubt yourself, it truely is very simple and easy to do.
Suzll (author)  Alexizupinhea6 years ago
Yeah, I have a couple of lids that have an inner lip, and they do cause a lot of trouble. Thank you!
sumrandom16 years ago
very cool stuff, i used to design my own tshirts cuz i could never find what i liked in stores, n i used similar techniques, but a lot of stencils, i recently had to throw them out cuz they took up too much space, i had like 48 stencils, very cool very creative and now i know how easy it really is, thanks
Suzll (author)  sumrandom16 years ago
godlyzombie6 years ago
really well done Suz. well written and an awesome topic. can't wait to give it a try. i see multi colored finger tips and multiple sets of ruined shoes and in my near future.
KryptoTSD6 years ago
This is COOL!
joepie6 years ago
I've seen this somewhere in Czech. I thought it was in Karlovy Vary, there was someone who sprayed them, he could do like hundreds of things with some paint. I've seen there the tricks, but I forgot them a bit. Thank you for giving an aid at my memory :P
GrahamHendo6 years ago
very cool
acm3216 years ago
This is really cool. I will definitely do this.
great job! Also, in the last two pics, how did you do the mountains? You need to make a second instructable explaining that!
i suspect that its the same process, just with torn paper instead of lids.
frollard6 years ago
Step 2 - also, crumpled plastic shopping bags work and give a slightly different pattern.

5* from me. I've always wanted to try doing one of these after watching countless artists make them.

a cheap flat spatula can be used to create some awesome scrape effects, and lines thru some/all layers of paint (cutting all the way to white if you wish).
Suzll (author)  frollard6 years ago
Yes, I've also heard that tin foil can make some interesting patterns. I have tried the lines through the paint, but I'm not too good at it yet; and I didn't want the Instructable to be very long or complicated.( I believe that I made some trees like that a while back). Thank you!
frollard Suzll6 years ago
holding the tool's sharper flat edge against the wet paint, and wiggling in the longer direction while slowly moving in perpendicular to that direction can make some neat staircase/road effects also. You say you dont want it too complicated - NOT a problem! I think this ible would be great to have 1 step dedicated to each type of pattern - stenciling, scraping, layering, covering, smushing - etc. Then you can combine them any way you want! Just remember to work background to foreground :) Again, EXCELLENT ible with awesome pictures and descriptions! Encouraging people to experiment is recommended!
bowmaster6 years ago
Awesome!!! In the third painting on the last step the plant has a face and ear.
Suzll (author)  bowmaster6 years ago
Haha, I never noticed that before. Thanks!
bowmaster Suzll6 years ago
It looks like it's going to eat the other planet.
Ironman71006 years ago
That is truly amazing GREAT JOB!
Suzll (author)  Ironman71006 years ago
Thank you!
idogis16 years ago
A bought a painting from a person who uses a similar technique. It's interesting to see how to do it. It was really cool watching him doing it. I haven't seen anyone ever set the paint on fire as a shading technique.
Suzll (author)  idogis16 years ago
Thanks! and I'm pretty sure that the fire is all for show.
idogis1 Suzll6 years ago
There was something to the fire. The guy used to have lessons online that have since been taken down It had something to do with darkening the paint.
Suzll (author)  idogis16 years ago
Hm, I never knew that it actually did anything, Thanks, I'll look into it.
kostaz96 years ago
This is amazing i will try it now!
Suzll (author)  kostaz96 years ago
Thanks, send me pics if you make any paintings!
JasperCat6 years ago
I've tryed this afew times when i've had the time and space, turns out quite well. There are alot of videos on youtube you can easily learn by watching for other effects like water :)
Suzll (author)  JasperCat6 years ago
I've seen some of the videos, them move pretty fast, but you can pick up new techniques! Thanks.
thepelton6 years ago
A trick I learned back about thirty years ago (I'm showing my age) to make small random stars on a field was to put the white paint on a toothbrush, and holding it about half a foot from the canvas, rub the bristles with a knife from front to back. The bristles flick back vertically, sending small dots of white paint onto the canvas. masking can be used to control where on the canvas it sticks.
Suzll (author)  thepelton6 years ago
Hey, that's a pretty good suggestion, I'll try it sometime. Thank you!
nekoheehee6 years ago
I love space painting :D I've been doing it for about a year now and I have to say its good to see a nice beginner tutorial here on instructables. nice work
Suzll (author)  nekoheehee6 years ago
Thanks a lot!
sgsidekick6 years ago
Wow. Um, wow. I like this. Looks much easier than the airbrush I have...and haven't used in 10 years! I like this! Very good job! Would love to see more of your work.
Suzll (author)  sgsidekick6 years ago
Thanks a lot, once I get more pics of my paintings I'll put them up. P.S. I love your icon!
i saw a man out on a street using this same technique, he sold them for sh_t loads of money
Suzll (author)  absolute zero6 years ago
Yeah, If you're good you can make some serious money.
r3ckless0076 years ago
That is so awsome. I am a big fan of spray paintings and this is a quick and easy way to do it. Really cool instructable.
Suzll (author)  r3ckless0076 years ago
Thank you!
Kaiven6 years ago
Awesome! I wonder what kind of planet I can make with flat white a flourescent yellow...
Suzll (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
sounds like you need more spraypaint! And actually fluorescent paint works pretty well, sometimes I use fluorescent green.
Kaiven Suzll6 years ago
Well I only had fluorescent yellow xD Now I have silver, gold, yellow, metallic red, and black.
Suzll (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
Thoughs are awesome colors! Send me pictures if you make any paintings with them.
theophilus6 years ago
this was perhaps one of the simplest, most easy to understand instructables i've ever read. how'd you do the tiny planet on top of the big one in the third picture of the last step?
Suzll (author)  theophilus6 years ago
Thanks so much! The smaller planet, was a bit tricky. After you blot the paint and get the pattern, you create a smaller black arc to one side of the soon-to-be planet; you cover it with a small lid, then create the black arc for the larger planet. The lid for the large planet must be tall enough to encapsulate the smaller lid covering the smaller planet. Then proceed like normal.
gimmetc6 years ago
this is awesome!!!! it looks so hard and professional...i can't wait to try it, the directions were easy....THANKS!!!
Suzll (author)  gimmetc6 years ago
Thank you, and send me pictures of any paintings you do!
Maverchick6 years ago
Thats so cool! Can't wait to try it!
Suzll (author)  Maverchick6 years ago
Thanks! send me some pictures of any paintings you complete.
Wow! This comment is brought to you by Wow and WOW! How are you doing the mountains and such? Leaving the paper on the board while you paint like the planets? Just Awesome design and technique.
The land can be made similarly - often 'last'. Create your planets, let dry (use a heat source to dry quickly the top layer) then lay ragged edge stencils of the mountains over the planets, spray gray, then black where the mountains are. Speckle some white or green for fun. do the lifty spotty technique with paper/plastic bags to create texture, then reveal the planets :D
Suzll (author)  atombomb19456 years ago
Thank you so much! And the land is similar to the planets, only you don't need lids, but you need to watch where you put the magazine paper. After you cover the planets, but before you paint the sky; spray two colors you want for the land and then paint the whole thing black, add stars/space dust, then take the paper and press it onto the area you want land on. It's kind of hard to explain I guess, maybe I should make an Instructable on it?
ilovetea Suzll6 years ago
A guy does them in Madison, he does waterfalls by using his fingers on blue paint. Adds a new meaning to "fingerpaint". Thanks, this is a good instructable.
Suzll (author)  ilovetea6 years ago
I've seen waterfalls done before, They are harder to do than they look! I'm terrible at them still! Thank you!
implaxis6 years ago
To make stars you can also spray th white to sort of ricochet off a popsicle stick or the like. You want to practice with that method as you don't want to get "elongated" stars (unless you're trying for a "warp" effect).
Suzll (author)  implaxis6 years ago
Hm, I've never seen that method of making stars, I'll certainly try it out. Thanks!
This is one of the best Instructables! I loved it! Great job! I will definitely try this and send you pictures. Thanks a bunch!
Suzll (author)  barry_allen76 years ago
I would love to see any paintings you make! Thanks!
jeff-o6 years ago
When I was eight or nine years old I saw a street artist in Mexico using this method, and it stuck with me all this time. I was amazed by it at the time and I still think the effect is fantastic. Thanks so much for posting!!
Suzll (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
Thanks for the comment!
Sunbanks6 years ago
Wow!! The planets look like ,well, actual planets. This is a great instructable!
Suzll (author)  Sunbanks6 years ago
That is why I like this technique so much. Thank you!
lemonie6 years ago
You know what you're doing! The pan-mask is a good techniques, and you show how to use it well. ("First Instructable" disclaimer not necessary) L
Suzll (author)  lemonie6 years ago
CarpetGnome6 years ago
Amazing! I like how well documented this is, and how easy it is to get such a professional image. Wow!
I concur!
Suzll (author)  JakeTobak6 years ago
Thank you both!
I saw a sidewalk artist painting like this once, with cardboard blocks and, like you, pan tops and the like for planets. I was totally blown away, especially when I found a video with some of the methods, but this instructable is much clearer than the video and a nice introductory piece. Very sweet stuff.
Suzll (author)  valhallas_end6 years ago
Thank you! and yeah the videos are hard to follow.
I wanted to give it five stars but the distances between planets seems to violate the Roche limit. Sorry. ~snicker~
Suzll (author)  Tool Using Animal6 years ago
Haha! But the smaller one is actually a moon, so maybe it's orbit around the planet just brought it closer to us than the planet, thus making it appear bigger and closer! Hahaha, good one though. And thanks for the comment!
yztay6 years ago
i saw a sidewalk artist doing it when i was on mallorca so when i got home i bought a lot of spraypaint i started having fun and i did my brothers laptop with this technicue awsome work keep up the good work ;)
Suzll (author)  yztay6 years ago
It's fun to do it on different surfaces, but I'd be afraid of messing up on something like a laptop. Thanks!
thats pretty cool, i saw a couple videos on youtube that do this, didnt think it could be so easy.
Suzll (author)  thematthatter6 years ago
The videos move really fast, they are hard to follow. Thank you!
snowzombie6 years ago
yeah these are so easy, and look wicked sweet, props suzll, i saw someone do this, who was like 11, it dosent look too hard, you just have to know what your doing, great instructable!
Suzll (author)  snowzombie6 years ago
Thanks a lot! And yeah, they are pretty easy once you get the hang of it.
That was a great, easy to understand tutorial. Thanks!
Suzll (author)  Weissensteinburg6 years ago
No problem, thanks for the comment!
zascecs6 years ago
Totally @\/\/$0l\/lE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzll (author)  zascecs6 years ago
Stew26 years ago
Looks awesome! Cool ible! :)
Suzll (author)  Stew26 years ago
Thank you!
kenbob6 years ago
clean and well written. Great Job.
Suzll (author)  kenbob6 years ago
Thank you!
SinAmos6 years ago
I remember this out at the beach. The guy would make them quick.
Suzll (author)  SinAmos6 years ago
Yeah, they really only take a couple of minutes!