Step 7: Paint Primary Color

Now paint you primary color. Try to paint directly over you project about 10 inches high so that you don"t blow away the ferns or leaves with the paint spraying out of the can.
or just hide behind a tree. those are naturally camoflauged,
fox hole time!!!!! make one of these and put over a hole! or maybe make a trap!
cool i mite even try that
I got a better idea of the final product by staring at this picture! LOL!
Could you please take a picture of the finished product?
Kind of reminds me of the movie Shooter, where Bobby Swager has to paint his sniper this way. For people who dont think of this as obvious, it can really help.
cool also i like how u spent time on microsoft paint so long
Nice! I can really use this thanks! I just had an airsoft war with my buddies yesterday. Doc Cool

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