Step 4:

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The appliance glued in place using the Pros Aide, edges worked a little with IPA alcohol. Give the whole appliance a coat of Pros Aide thinned with a little water. This seals the foam and prevents any paint soaking into the foam-after all it is essentially a latex sponge.

Dry carefully with a hairdryer, powdering as soon as it is dry. Pros Aide glue remains shiny and tacky when dry, so ensure you powder before any facial expressions are pulled as everything that touches will stick. If this happens, a little IPA on a brush or cotton bud will un-tack it.
scry3 years ago
What appliance did you use? this one looks amazing - perfect buffy style vamp!
stuartbray (author)  scry3 years ago
It was one I made for a demo teaching a while back.

scry stuartbray3 years ago
ah bugger thats a shame - tis exactly what i was looking for too lol - typical really :) thanks for letting me know though.