How to Paint Varnish!!





Introduction: How to Paint Varnish!!

How to paint varnish!!(video version)

I introduce a way to fix a display shelf in the wall!!

I live in a rental apartment, but I want to customize in my room without minding the deposit!!

When I fix the display shelf in the wall, I pierce the wall.

I introduce a way to repair the hole, too.

I introduce.....

Volume1 is "How to varnish a board".

Volume2 is "How to fix the board in the wall".

Volume3 is "How to repair the hole".

Well then, watch the video of Volume1!!

Step 1: Spread a Plastic Sheet

Spread a plastic sheet not to dirty a flooring.

Step 2: These Are All Tools

These are all tools.

Step 3: Mix Polishing Powder

Mix polishing powder and water in the ratio of one to one.

Step 4: Paint With a Brush

Paint over the whole thing with a brush.

Step 5: Wipe Off With Waste Cloth

Wipe off with waste cloth.

Step 6: Polish With a Sandpaper

Polish with a sandpaper.

Step 7: Prepare Varnish

Prepare varnish.

Step 8: Varnish Over the Surface

Varnish over the surface.

Step 9: Finished It

You finished it!!

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What is polishing powder? It sounds like something I might like.

It is called "TONOKO" in Japanese! "TONOKO" is the powder which crushed a stone finely. Thank you!!