Step 1: Supplies!

To start off, you will need a few items.

� XBOX 360 Controller
�Torx T-8 Security Screwdriver (you can get a regular T-8 and break the security pieces with a small
flat-head screwdriver though)
� Small phillip's screwdriver
� Painter's tape
� Exact-o-knife or razor blade
�Spray paint (Krylon fusion for plastic is preferred)
� Clear finish
� Sandpaper
<p>Hello, thanks for the great guide. I'm very interested in doing this, primarily with one of my Gcon 45 Light gun for the Playstation. Would I also need to sand the Gcon as well? I'd like to spray it a shiny gold. Can you recommend a suitable spray paint for this? Also, my primary concern is the paint coming off on my hands after long play sessions, due to sweat etc. How can I avoid this? As even a factory made Gold gun attachment for my wii wiimote controller came off on my hands after long use, due to sweat. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you - Myles Thomas</p>
I would still recommend sanding as this helps the paint adhere to the plastic. To keep the paint from rubbing off use a clear coat after the color coat, sorry to say that some paint may rub off on your sweaty mitts lol that is just wear and tear, to be expected over time.
<p>If you're still answering questions, by chance, what grit sandpaper did you use?</p>
320 grit was what i used. Something fine, you don't want to scratch into the plastic.
i used krylon fusion for plastic as my paint and clear coat but my controller feels almost grainy not glossy
<p>You probably used the Fusion Textured version which is supposed to feel grainy. I wonder though, why do you think grainy is bad? Glossy has worse grip and your hands can get sweaty against it. </p>
Hmm.. I don't know to tell you.. It may have been because weather conditions and that the controller wasn't entirely clean when you painted it...
is sanding absolutely necessary? because my controller is a already pretty smooth
Dude its so it gets rough so the paint has something to adhere to
<p>If you use standard spray paint you need to roughen the surface but if you use a paint for plastics (or vinyl dye) with a bonding agent/solvent in it, then a very light first coat, it will adhere without sanding.</p>
<p>is it ok if i use spirit alcohol instead of rubbing alcohol? i know this is a old post but just incase you still answer questions i would like to know. Thanks.</p>
<p>That should theoretically work. All alcohol has similar properties. Just make sure it's a majority pure alcohol; the only edible alcohol I would consider for that task is Everclear, which is the reason people go out and get rubbing alcohol.</p>
I've started to make a living out of this, creating a custom controller company and all, I sell them 20 dollars each, and custom ones 50 dollars, this helped me so much, also some other things to but this is so helpful
<p>I eagerly await my royalties. :D So glad to have helped you.</p>
Totally gonna do this! I'm thinking gold and silver with this sort of &quot;zebra stripe&quot; design!
Is the texture any different on a new black Xbox controller? I'm almost about to paint mine. Also, I'm going to sand&gt;general primer(not plastic, its acrylic)&gt;3 coats of a flat blue enamel&gt;clear coat. Will the enamel over acrylic cause issues?
I see no reason why this would cause issues. :) <br>Happy Painting!
Do you have to disassemble the x-box controller?
Yes! You don't want to paint the buttons and analogs.
Couldn't you just cover the sticks and buttons with painters tape, while being careful to cover the joints and openings
The grainy feeling is a side effect of painting down onto the plastic; when you angle your spray paint like that it tends to spray more propellant rather than actual paint. <br><br>You can try to avoid this by spraying in short bursts and if you notice what is coming out of the can is almost entirely white; turn the can back upright and spray for a second into the air and it will usually start spraying color again.<br><br>Also making sure the paint is mixed by shaking the can regularly while painting can help with this problem.<br><br>The alternative to painting down onto a flat surface is to hang the item and spray it while its hanging in the air, but if you do this you have to be very careful as paint tends to run more painting like that; quick short coats.
Thanks alot, I sprayed this one with &quot;hammered Steel&quot; and it turned out pretty cool, works fine too.<br />
Sick dude! I love it!
That looks awesome :)
Wow that is really cool lookin. I know it would have been weird for a little while maybe, but if you had painted the a,b,x, and y buttons as well it would have looked really sweet. lol But nice job.<br />
can i do this with a ps2 controller (side note if anybody knows of a mod to make a xbox 360 controller work in a ps2 that would be great thx)
Oh for sure, you could do this with anything really, your actual console casing, hell a N64. A ps2 controller might be a little more or less complicated but I just dont' really know the specifics Wow I have no idea, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult considering the ps2 controller is smaller, but I am definitely not the person to figure something like that out, lol. Great idea.
thx but what kind of paint do i use to make it look glossy like yours, CaseBoy's second one, and mmcpherson4's (not like johnsonz25's, caseboy's first one and KhronosDiavolos's) thx (ps great job)
I have listed even the type of paint to use in my supplies. Any paint will do as long as it is a &quot;glossy&quot; paint, not flat or matte or satin. Glossy is what you want, but really you could go with flat as long as your clear coat is a glossy since that is the top layer it will do the shining. :] Do show photos if you paint your 'troller.
like put the innards in the xbox 360 controller
hey, i thought yours looked awesome so i went with your design.. :P<br /> thanks dude<br />
&nbsp;not sure if it just the pic the joysticks seam to be bubbled or rounded. how did you do that<br /> <br />
There ps2 thumb-sticks.. I seem to play better with them.. :P <br />
That looks frickin sweet! :D Nice job.<br />
and I thought I did a good job at mine.... holy damn dude. nice.<br />
Well thank ya sir. Yours is pretty spiffy. Too bad you don't play 360 though ;D<br />
where can you buy&nbsp;Krylon fusion???
All of the supplies I bought are from Wal-Mart. Any hardware store has Krylon Fusion though. Also, most craft stores carry it too(although the price is jacked way up there.) I would suggest Wal-Mart though, their prices are the lowest!<br />
&nbsp;oh i spray painted another check it out!!!
hey man, awesome tutorial! i did something similar, without painters tape. i gave it a rough texture under the gloss, and a stone look.<br />
That is wicked looking! Though, the white start and back buttons look out of place, too bad you didn't make them a gray or maybe even black.<br />
Why do you need to sand it?<br />
To make it smooth and so that the paint will adhere to the plastic better.<br />
&nbsp;here is a pic of my controller
Well that is lookin awesome!<br />
wow thanks for your help, this is my first time doing anything &quot;broken warranty&quot; and it turned out great. thanks again for the tips and detailed steps. bty your controller is freaking amazing<br />
Well thanks for your kind words, I really hope you'll comment back with some sweet pictures of your newly awesomer controller paint job!<br />
Nice. I can finally paint my boring, white 360 controller. The only problem I'm facing now is what I want to design. Goodness.<br /><br />Thanks for these steps and that video is mighty helpful too.<br />
If you can, show some pictures when you're done, that's always fun!<br />

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