How to Paint Your Paintball Mask


Introduction: How to Paint Your Paintball Mask

I have searched high and low for instructions on how to do this and found them on a techpb forum,  so here you go



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    Well this is a paint ball mask, it is gonna be painted its self

    easier way is to start blasting the heck out of it with a paintball gun, lol

    By the way i used the info on TECHPB to paint this. THAT is what i ment.

    Actually it is mine, if u see the first mask has the colors reversed, that's because THAT ONE is a pic i found online, and its what i was trying to emulate. the info... well i just haven't gotten around to putting it up yet.

    Nice info and cool mask, but please verify that this is actually YOUR WORK, not copied from another site.

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    I couldn't find it, I don't believe it is their work, though.

    Honestly, there's not really any info here. Looks like they taped it, and just sprayed..

    So, this isn't your instructable....