Instructables CEO ewilhelm is in the office today so the Instructables development team decided to cut loose and party!

(Let us know if anything at the site got broken as a result of our messing around - we'll fix it!)

Step 1: Get sauced up

The first step to a good party is to find something tasty to drink. We raided Tim Anderson's "wrong cabinet" and found our way into his home made batch of kombucha.

Interaction Engineers make excellent look-outs.

I'm praying that my next stop has free wireless so I can check on the site, and this is what I find!?!? This is definitely going on everyone's performance review.
The next IBLES hq fun activity features you.
Are you thinking what i'm thinking? (24 hour video surveillance with cameras mounted in the instructables robot stickers and life size models and pictures with laser security guarding the cucumbers!!)oh your not... Figures. I think i'll go eat a cucumber.
Have Fun
we can add cages hung on an rope that fall when they mess with stuff and lights up a huge "THEY MESSED AROUND" sign at the front door
it can also be lemon-duck
ps - FLAGGED!!
Can't the admin just usually delete anything he or she likes...? LOL<br/><br/><sub>But, flagging works, too.</sub><br/>
Why would an admin need to flag something? Lollllll...
You thwarted his logic.
I know. I'm so skilled.
How did you post this comment then if you are going to wait until your NEXT stop?
That's right - I can see them now: EVEN MORE BADASS THAN I ORIGINALLY THOUGHT We expect gold stars as well, and maybe a lollipop.
ahh i wished i was an intern!you get so much fun!
Also, it's Friday. Why are none of you wearing ties!??!?!?!
oh hi they messed wit ur stuff
go fix the local severs we need instructables online!!!!
can people come and take a look around instructables hq?
This is kinda what we did every night when I was there. But without breaking the internets. And more movie watching.
I missed movie watching?! Which movies?
Billy introduced me to The Rock, starring Nicolas Cage. It was amazing! We also watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog, Teeth, Gattaca, Idiocracy... I don't remember if that was it. :P
Gattaca is one of my favorite movies. But then again, I have a lot of favorite movies.
How do you serf the net after the server room stuff?
Nice! I've bubble wrapped/rolled a co-worker at work once. It's great fun doing it to those you don't like, cuz you can then ship them off!
Bubble wrap and then a friendly roll down the stairs is fun, unless the stairs in your building are real pointy. My friend and I do that at his apt. building every time we get large amounts of bubble wrap. Even better, bubble wrap roll-racing!
oh man i wish i was part ofthe staff..... though id have to move to CA and im not old enough anyway.
me too
Every time Eric sees this Instructable, things happen at the Instructables HQ.<br/><br/><sub>Bad things.</sub><br/>
Are the giant Robot stickers for sale? I want one!
I printed out just a few of the giant stickers to give away at Makers Faire in two weeks. We don't have any for sale right now, but I will definitely get in touch should we ever often them. Of course, if there was ever an instructable worthy of such a sticker, an instructable so giant, so sticky, so amazing that it just had to be rewarded with the worlds biggest robot sticker, how could we say no to printing one out and sending it to the author?
Oooooo...what would be worthy?
Ooooh.... do you guys still make more?
I'm gonna guess that's NoahW passed out &quot;drunk&quot; in the last picture- with a <strong>capped</strong> bottle in his hand.<br/>
He <strong>was</strong> going to drink it, but then he passed out before he could find a bottle opener.<br/>
YAY! I hope Eric's out for a day when I'm there!!
I'm sure Eric is bummed that we had fun while he was gone. He likes to tear things up just as much as we do. Fear not, we'll have lots of fun things to do this summer! ;)
By the way, I'm really loving the new layout! Thanks, Instructables Team!
I envy you.
HAZAHH! I'm sure this summer will be fun, even without those extra-fun things to do!
Josh, you are so lucky you get to go intern there! I'm jealous!
you should of seen the party we did... the pres. and CEO were gone. the whole 10 story building was partying! we tied up over 30 people with networking cables, electrical cables and a whole bunch more things. me and 14 other people took turns watching for the bosses, but they never came =)<br/>
'Instructables CEO ewilhelm is in the office today' don't you mean 'is not in the office today' also, this isn't even an instructable... more of a record of events! i'm not angry just very dissapointed that such mistakes were made by people who should be flawless leaders lol just kidding, this site is amazing
When did Eric get a hold of the cloning machine? I'm blaming Noah, for obvious reasons...
yeah ! That's true...Most of the people do that, even at work !?...:}}}
we taped the student union guy to a chair once.....
then made his hair flashy with glitter and some green-ish stuff, out of a tube...

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