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Introduction: How to Password Protect Your Zip Files

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There are a large variety of reasons why you'd want to password protect a file or set of files. Some legit and some downright nefarious. I believe it's not really my place to make that distinction for others but I was asked to explain how to do this easily and so I've written this instructable to answer these questions. Please note that no "security measures" are truly secure and if you write something with a computer, there's nothing you can do to protect it that someone else smarter than you (or using tools developed by someone smarter than you (curse you script kiddies!!!)) can't undo. The advice "don't get caught" can only go so far and so I recommend being very selective about what you save and assume is safe.

Anyway, enough blather on to the good stuff!

Step 1: Get WinRar

I don't mean to plug for any company in particular and I'm sure there are many other vendors who have products that can do the same things but WinRar can do everything I want regarding archives and that's really all I need . . . So step one is to go to WinRar's website, download their latest version, and install it on your machine.

Step 2: Archiving!

Ok so now you've installed the new archiving software and you've got some files you want password protected I'm going to pretend that I want some photos of my ceramics archived for some reason or another and demonstrate the process with them.

First step: Select all the files you want protected and right click on one of them. (the file names will still be visible so if you don't want that to happen then go ahead and put all the files into a new folder and then right click the folder and proceed) Click on "Add to archive . . ." you'll notice a little stack of books next to it (ain't they fancy!?).

A window called "Archive name and parameters" will pop up and may look a bit overwhelming at first but be still my enthralled readers all will be explained in due time!

Step 3: More Archiving

Under the General tab (it's the default one) do the following (or copy from my screenshot . . .you dirty cheats you)
-Give it an inconspicuous name
-Select a format (probably want zip if you're moving it from computer to computer)
-You can play with the other options to suit your needs but I nearly never use them myself.

Step 4: Finish Archiving

Under the "Advanced" tab do the following (or keep staring at your neighbor's paper but remember ceiling cat is watching you):
-Click "Set Password. . ."
-Fill in and confirm a password in the new window and click ok

Now Click "OK" in the main window and you're done!

Step 5: Final Notes

I know most of this is "old hat" to most people who know a lot about computers but I expect there's enough people who haven't heard of this trick who would want to so if you already know this stuff please either add to it or ignore it. (help keep that "Be Nice" policy intact eh?)

One thing to take into consideration: as soon as you start encrypting, password protecting, or otherwise securing files visibly the more attention you start drawing to them. . . .it's sort of like getting a portable safe: a thief simply steals the whole thing and opens it back at his hideout.



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      Sadly this doesn't password protect tha t"zip file" it ecrypts the files within. I am pretty sure that in previous version of Winzip and possible WinRar that you could set a password on the zip file so it could not be opened without the password, any idea why that function was taken away?

      1 reply

      If you read carefully (see step 1) you'll note that I am using winrar here and it does support password protection. I can't speak for winzip since I do not use it.
      This is a bit of an ancient instructable though that was built mostly for a few people I knew so I wouldn't have to repeatedly explain it ;)

      you useing vista? and i dont like winrar i can never get it to work right

      3 replies

      I am . . . that's unfortunate . . .I've never had any issues with it so I'm probably a lousy source of troubleshooting . . .

      oh well i use 7zip

      yep that's a great tool too . . . a friend of mine just happened to send me the info on winrar first and I tend to, out of laziness, stick with what I know

      thanks - for some reason I didnt know winrar could password protect zip files. well you can never know it all!

      1 reply

      yup it's quite a clever little app. glad this drew your attention to that side of it!