Introduction: How to Peel an Egg Quick & Easy!

How to peel an egg perfect every time - fast and easy


stubbsonic (author)2013-12-01

It's not clear how you are holding the cup to keep the egg from flying out and beaning your dog. Are you just banging it around inside the cup? I'm curious to try this, but wonder if there is some trick to how you are moving that makes the shell & membrane completely clean themselves from the egg.

gumby_kevbo (author)2013-11-30

How do you teach the dog not to grab the egg?

RoFashionEmi (author)gumby_kevbo2013-11-30

take every day one egg and put salt over and after a few times your dog will gonna hate eggs :)

RoFashionEmi (author)gumby_kevbo2013-11-30

don't show him the egg :))

c2kpierce (author)2013-11-30

It broke its shell into small pieces but It didn't peal the egg.

Ps how did you keep from throwing little bits of shell all over?

RoFashionEmi (author)c2kpierce2013-11-30

try and you will see :)

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