How to Scrub Potatoes in Less Than a Minute





Introduction: How to Scrub Potatoes in Less Than a Minute

First instructable here, hope you like it!

This is for all of you who grow your own potatoes, or buy the ones that still has dirt on them and needs to be peeled.

1. Get a hold of a toilet brush. You need to look for one with a relatively thin shaft

2. Cut the handle off about 20-30cm from the brush head

3. Mount what is left of your toilet brush in a drill. Put your potatoes in a bucket with enough water to cover the potatoes.

4. Do this outside or in your shower; submerse your toilet brush in the water and power up your drill (in that order). Move the drill around in the bucket and watch the magic happen!



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    Round about step 3 there I would stop calling it a toilet brush since it will not be used for that purpose.

    Excellent ible and simple. We could use this in our community kitchen when we put on lunch for the neighbourhood. Would save loads of time.

    1 reply

    Ha ha, you are absolutely right. We will have to come up with a new name for the brush after step 3 :-)

    And yes, it really comes in handy when loads of people need to be fed!

    Wow! That's a great idea. Four stars.

    One thing, though: It's not "dirty water" at all, but nutrient-rich fertilizer for the garden. You threw it in the right place at least, albeit inadvertently.

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    I can't get enough of Every time I come here I leave with a sense of accomplishment even though I didn't build anything at that time. lol I came across this one because I had been using my dremmel tool with the little brushes to clean hard water in toilets and at times in ovens when I couldn't get the cake in stuff off. This is a great idea! THANK YOU for posting it!

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    technically wouldn't 'peel' them unless the potato skins were very flaky but a good way of scrubbing them

    1 reply

    Oh, yeah thats true, thanks man. I'll see if I can change the title.