How to Fold T-shirts in 2 Seconds





Introduction: How to Fold T-shirts in 2 Seconds

This instructable teaches you how to fold T-shirts, in seconds.

Step 1: Folding

Fold your T-shirt like that:

Watch a video:

Step 2: First Step

Lay down the T-shirt. Then pinch 2 places I marked. Be ready to flip one side.

Step 3: Second Step

Just flip one side onto another and take side of a t-shirt.

Step 4: Third Step

Raise your hands. Let the T-shirt hang in the air. Then be ready to fold it down.

Step 5: Fourth Step

Fold per folding line. Put it down. Nice....

Step 6: End.

Folding T-shirts this way saves you a lot of time. Remember to spend your saved time wirting some good instructables. ;)

If you practise a little bit more you can fold very fast, very very fast. :)

Just like i do :D watch the video:



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    I can't watch the video... I hate you computer! Hahaha! I've wanted to try this way of folding a shirt for the longest time. Seems so much faster.

    I have folded 10 t-shirts this way today :DD.

    i saw this before in a video online... some japanese martha stewurt lady does this in under 10 seconds.... i forgot the website though!

    My way of folding t-shirts is so much easier.


    Jeezow! I have to fold about a hundred t-shirts a week for the family laundry. (stay at home and work at home Dad) I am going to practice this. Those few seconds add up and I will be able to impress all the neighborhood moms with my slight-of-hand shirt folding magic. Thanks.

    OMG, that's just too easy! Now I can save some hangers. :p

    contrary to some haters out there, i think this is an awesome thing you just taught me! and it's actually useful!

    thank you ;)