Introduction: How to Perform a Bunny Hop With Your Trial Bike

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This instructable will teach you very basic bike trick: the bunny hop. The bunny hop is just like a normal jump, but with your bike. Skilled bikers can jump over about 1m height objects.

Step 1: Grab Your Helmet

Before you start, search and find your helmet. You are an idiot when you ride your bike without wearing a helmet.

Step 2: Load Your Special Bar

Picture of Load Your Special Bar

You have to get some energy to perform a trick, like in tony hawks pro skater 2. So push down and prepare to jump off!

Step 3: Jump!

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The jump itself is a little tricky. You have to get both of your wheels in the are at the same time. To get this done, you have to push your handlebars a little away from you while you push it in the air. Then you jump in the same moment.

Make sure you jump not too fast with your feets since you want to jump with your bike.

Step 4: Land

Picture of Land

If you managed to handle the last step, this step will be easy: just wait until the gravity finished the trick for you.


HHB13 (author)2016-02-19

Great to find the somebody finaly does trials instructables!

Edbed (author)2015-07-20

Great instructable!

DashPK (author)2015-07-19


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