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I am the dude that made the "world's greatest card trick" tutorial last summer. I have been gone for awhile, but I am back for good now with some more great tutorials. This first one is probably my most favorite trick in the entire world! It looks like real magic, can be performed on the spur of the moment, and will leave them talking about you for a long time.

This tutorial teaches you how to perform the World's Awesomest Card Trick. Check it out, it is only 2 minutes long:

Step 1: Secret Setup Arrangement

This is a semi-impromptu trick. The only thing required is for you to get a few cards set up on the top of the deck.

The cards that should be on the top of the deck are these:

Top card: Four of spades
Second card down: three of spades
third card from top: two of spades

After that secret setup, there is one card sleight you must learn: The Elmsley count.
Great trick, I've had lots of fun with this. The great thing is that its sleight of hand, and appears to be very difficult, but with a bit of practice isn't at all. However I've found a cleaner, safer and easier way to finish , which is much less risky than placing the cards on the table at the end and doesn't require any sticky tape or anything like that. When you magically make the Ace of Spades turn back to Face Up, show the cards in a fan in your right hand, appearing so that there are four cards, from top to bottom: Face Up Ace of Spades; Face Down Card; Face Down Card; Face Down Card. Of course, you have an Ace of Diamonds hidden under the Ace of Spades and hold the two aces as one card. Keeping a firm grip on the fan in your right hand, it is then very easy to remove a card from the fan with your left hand, turn it over, then place it back into the fan in the same place. You can do this with the three Face Down cards to reveal the Two, Three and Four of Spades. But by doing it this way it is easy to keep the two Aces appearing as one, and keep the cards away from pesky spectators. It is also very effective and allows you to make a quick getaway!
I always perform it ending with all of the cards in the spectators hands. I place the AS/AD face up in their hand, then count off the 2S 3S 4S face up on top of it, covering the double then pick all of them up square them up and place them back with the deck. Since I put it in their hands, they get the feeling I had nothing to hide, they are less likely to ask to see the cards. they have already held them. sure they didn't have time to examine them, but their subconscious inquisitive mind acknowledges that it was already examined, and they don't ask questions.
Please please please fix video
<p>Many card tricks can make people stunned. The assume card trick I saw was from David Blaine!</p>
I really want to do this, but I don't have a set of cards. :(
Great trick! <br> <br>(Grammar Nazi's note- The title should be 'How to Perform the World's Most Awesome Card Trick)
The video is broken can you please fix D:
dude...this is already a trademarked trick called Revolver. You should give credit to the man who made this trick, and not simply give it away.
whatever! :)
If you had any talent you would make up your own tricks. THEN you'd care when some talentless child gave away your material.
I do make up my own tricks. I don't publish them.<br><br>U.S. patent law says you can't patent a recipe. That's why the recipe for Coca Cola and the Colonel's eleven herbs and spices must be kept very secret... they aren't afforded protection under the current U.S. patent law.<br><br>Likewise, card tricks are unpatentable. They are a method, not a mechanical invention. Their patter and their author's explanations may be considered protected under current copyright law. <br><br>This, however, was published and in the public realm as a method. I did not give it away anymore than if I would have published an instructable on how to tie shoes...even if the brilliant Roger Smith had taught me how to tie my shoes.<br><br>Roger published this method for profit, and hopefully he enjoyed a financial gain for his loss of keeping his material under control.<br><br>I was not aware this was &quot;Maxi Twist&quot; by Roger Smith. A friend taught me. Perhaps my same friend sold the trick to Roger Smith. I doubt it. But the point is the method is in the public realm of knowledge.<br><br>Whatever.
It is actually called Maxi Twist by Roger Smith. I believe Revolver is a twist off of this effect. (pun intended) Much like Alan Akermans: Twisting Maxi twist (where in he turns the 4 aces into a royal flush, using a selected card at the 10S) I saw Alan in February and we got a chance to discuss Maxi Twist and his variation at length, he is a very good technician, and a nice guy.
you have to fix your tutorial on the elmsley count, I can't figure it out properly at this point, I can do the rest of the trick up to this and either I screwed up reading or your tutorial hasn't been edited properly.<br>
lol... magical BS gesture
This is the absolute best card trick ever and you deserve a statue, before reading the instructable i was completely amazed and then after reading it i watched it again and my eyes still couldnt pick up on what you were doing even though i knew what to look for, your a very skilled person
nope hesw too good for your eyes to be seeing this. nice trick!<br />
pretty cool but check out these guys <div style="margin-left:15px;"> <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/Ot7WsmLXLxo#"></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Ot7WsmLXLxo#" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="344" wmode="transparent"></embed></object></div><br/>
thats freaking awesome
yeah itd be awesome to be him!<br />
The guy with the lighter is cool.
I agree, His name is Damien and you can find him at lightertricks.com
sorry for double posting but I can't seem to watch the elmsy video
can't get it right! can you please describe the trick more cause when I do an elmsy at step 9 it doesn't work! please help
Well done thesparine / ultradeepbase! Ever since I saw you do your card trick on youtube I have been obsessed with getting card tricks and manouvres aced and with things like instructables I'm not far off :) And with the sticky tape issue, try rapidly stciking and unsticking it against jeans. Not too hairy, not too sticky :)
Never use sticky tape, get used to placing the cards with out the double splitting. Relying on a gaff (such as sticky tape) that has to be prepared might leave you unprepared in a situation when someone expects greatness and you give them mediocracy.
I don't need it to do a double lift but I was just mentioning it to those who don't feel comfortable enough yet. Though, you are right, it isn't a good idea to use sticky tape at all in a trick
<br/>You sir, should not teach others material with out their permission.<br/><br/>This effect is called Maxi Twist by Roger Smith, one of the greatest card technicians and sharpest minds to ever grace us with his talents.<br/>Before we lost him on July 16th 2008.<br/>Moreover he was a good friend and Magical Mentor to me.<br/><br/>Here is a Video of him performing Maxi Twist.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1BImRhMBRA">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1BImRhMBRA</a><br/><br/>But seriously, respect the work of others. if you are going to expose someone else's work, at least do the research and find out who created it and give them credit.<br/><br/>-Nathan Himes<br/><br/>
Bill Malone also produced on his DVD set "On The Loose" a variation of Maxi Twist, with a different ending. Roger always disliked Malone's ending. said it ruined the power of the trick, and gave away some of the magic.
I don't know if you are magician, but i suggest at least make a good emsley count. taking a card from his edge it isn't normal. see your video. anyone that see imagine that is something strange going on. well, i don't even agree with this exposure. thing a little... and don't forget the training. you need.
Can Someone please post a video or VERY descriptive steps regarding steps 4-8. I can't seem to get the pinky grab and the adding of the 4,3, and 2 of spades cards to the trick. Thanks
Yeah I know it took me like 4 hours to get past that one!
kind of hard (okay VERY hard to start out with) especially with the whole &quot;dropping the 2 aces&quot; (around that area of the trick. But the look on peoples faces when they see this==priceless!!<br/>coolness factor = 7/5 :)<br/>
Oh... By the way, can the maker of this video tape the same trick, But from his point of View(easier for me to see, understand and copy)
its a good trick, but there are many other easier and less obvious(no ofense) ways to do it, it was a neat variation though.
Really? the Elmsley count is a basic part of this family of card sleights. Can you show us? you will be a new pioneer... hopefuls from the middle cloth... :)
you think not? show us what you got, big boy... or else you are just another Casino Dealer (yawn)...
Yes my friend, AWESOMEST!!!
that is the most awsomest word in the world!
Whaaaaaa! Great! I just won 25 euros (almost 34 dollars) by doing this trick. Not exactly a hunderd million, but once you get it it's great!
Welcome back!
i dont get the step 10-11-12, could you explain there abit more for me ? thanks! great tutorial!
i can "count" them (switch them like explained) a couple of time, but the third or fourth time, it just dont want to work.. lol! mybe if i do a video, you could be able to tell me what wrong i am doing!? ill get back with this when ill get my new camera ordered(should me before the next week, i hope)
Thank you for your feedback. I have updated the instructable with a video explaining the Elmsley count in greater detail, as well as made a whole 'nother instructable just on the Elmsley count for you. If you check out that new info, and re-watch the demonstration, you should be able to understand those steps better.
Man, I've seen your video a long time ago, and after spending many days thinking how the hell did you finished clean without any ditch, and without any gaffed card. If i'm not mistaken I guess that I even sent you a message on youtube asking you how you did (zhouluyi is my screenname there)... I thought about double stick tape, but from the conditions of the video it seemed impossible... so you said, it took 6 takes to get it right... very good performance, but unfortunetly very hard to reproduce the clean ending with a live audience... :(
Yes, I used the double stick tape only for the video, to get people's brains racking! In reality, I often perform this trick with a borrowed deck at poker games, after getting a chance to set it up. Using double-stick tape would not be feasible in those instances. However, I have also performed it live WITH double stick tape. After you mess around with it for a couple of hours, you will learn how "sticky" (or more appropriately, "un-sticky") the tape has to be. It is very possible to get the tape to the desired state of stickiness, stack the deck, and box it for future use. In that case, the trick has to be the first trick you do with the deck, and you cannot use the A.Spades any more. Unless you have an ungimmicked A. Spades in your pocket that you swap out for the double-sticked one. Good luck my friend, and thanks for the comments!

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