How to perform your own Tongue Bifurcation

This is a tutorial on how to cut your tongue in half for a cool lizard effect.

What you need:
- A tongue piercing
- Time (approx 22 days)
- 0.5mm Mono filament (Fishing line)
- Anti Bacterial Mouthwash (Preferably alcohol free)
- A pair of strong sharp scissors
- A high pain threshold and a strong sense of determination

Yes this is photos of me doing it. I made a diary as I did it here ->

DISCLAIMER: This is just a general description. Its best to look at my diary of it and to do a little more research before you attempt it. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY DANGEROUS PROCEDURE! But like anything, just keep a close eye on it, don't be an idiot, and keep all your tools clean.

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Step 1: Tie in mono filament

1. Slip it through your piercing hole, leaving the tongue piercing.

2. Pull the two ends of the line away from you keeping it centered when you tie the first knot. (This step is important as it determines where the cut will be. And you want it in the middle.)

3. Tie the second knot. Don't tie it too tight. Just enough so it hurts a little. It may not feel tight enough, but trust me, it will hurt later on!
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Othlon2 years ago
oh gods this should ONLY EVER be done by a PROFESSIONAL X_X please please please please don't do this at home!
zack2472 years ago
i have to admit a tongue like that is kinda creepy but still it takes a lot of guts to have it cut :P
Plo Koon2 years ago
britrock1013 years ago
I read through about half these comments, I didn't see anyone say they had infection or bad experience with this method… granted I didn't read all the way through. To all the people claiming to be professional piercers or doctors, this way just makes more sense (if there was any sense in this at all) than taking a scalpel to your tongue. You barely lose any blood, you don't have an open wound and you don't need sutures. Also, if you were to get the scalpel split you would more than likely NEED the sutures because there's a high risk of your tongue healing back together.

I plan on splitting my tongue in the near future. Yes, I'm eighteen and I don't know if I will enjoy it in fifty years… but right now, this is my life and you can suck it. (:
abstracted3 years ago
late comment post here...but can u say "young dumb and destined to be unemployed and a burden on the rest of the employed world
matrice6666 years ago
bad idea dude .bad idea. but hey for you out there who wanna try it. go ahead if you get infections that'll make a great thing to talk about with the family christmas. ho wait... can some one say "its because i tried to cut my tongue" without a tongue ? :O hurray for bad ideas
ILOSN (author)  matrice6666 years ago
"Zomg, it could get infected! And you know what happens when things get infected, they go all ooky and then fall off! and you could even die! Then your tongue implodes and causes a singularity in space and the whole universe will get sucked in. " Whats ACTUALLY happens when you get an infection is, you go on a course of antibiotics, and then, the infection goes away. Sorry for being stupid, but infection is unlikely with this procedure and should it happen, its not a big deal...
blane8 ILOSN3 years ago
People actually do die from infections all the time.
hey my friends uncel died like this poor shea his uncel died so please dont do this
His uncle died for what? 
No one dies from an infectet bruise..
redwards83 years ago
when do you need to keep the fish line in? and i have brasses, so i know what long time pain feels like. :D
two tongue4 years ago
just finished mine, no infection, it didnt drop off, can talk and taste fine. WIN!!
2010-11-06 15-42-13.034.jpg
i want mine to be deeper, do i just get my tongue piercing further down on my tongue? plz tell.
SarahKat5523 years ago
answer this question if you are thinking about doing this
"will i like this when i am ove the age of "60"?"
in my opinion i would say no
dude, like i want to live my life so long, and i don't like my self in in the future, and the past. xD
r3musik3 years ago
I want to split mine too.
Some before tips?
happyjo4 years ago
Oh God that is SO creepy!
Screamo4 years ago
Eew, no one will ever tounge kiss you > : p
how it a dangerous its not like a big open wound (when you bind it ) there is slim chance of infection and im having a very successful time with mine im in the process now
RandomHero6 years ago
no offence but i dont reccomend this at all, its very dangerous and gets infected very easily
ILOSN (author)  RandomHero6 years ago
are you a doctor?
then why did you spell offense wrong?
ILOSN (author)  RandomHero6 years ago
Hrm, they better listen to what you say then. BTW, I have some medication I'd like you to start prescribing. I'll buy you some Thai food and give you some branded merchandise for free if you do it :)
i was serious, im a doctor, its very dangerous and risk of infection is highly likely, people are lucky im warning them
ILOSN (author)  RandomHero6 years ago
Lets examine the evidence. I know two people who had it done by a piercer with a scalpel, no infections. I copied it from two different people who got no infections, i got no infections and so far three people have emailed me after following my instructions and have split their tongues with no infections. All succesfful. I do know of one unsuccesfull attempt but still no infections. 2x Scalpelled splits: No infections 6x Successful binded splits: No infections 1x Unsuccesful binded split: No infections It would seem that with proper care infections are actually unlikely.
possible, it is still very dangerous, so ill advise people to DO THIS AT THEIR OWN RISK
iv just started this process of splitting my tongue and it dose hurt extreamly bad but it seems to be working every step of the way this process of splitting you tongue is alot better then a scalpel you have a much less chance of infection considering it is not an open wound at any point it may hurt but the out come is totally worth it i recommend it pics coming soon
rathmiron4 years ago
where do you tie the knots?
I followed this guide a little over a year and a half ago. It turned out great. After tying it off I used a scalpel for a bigger deviation. This is a great guide if you are clean and have a bit of knowledge. Here's what I ended up with.
That is so frickin' sweet!

Did everything go well?
Was it painful all the time?
Were you able to talk normally during the process?
Can you give me any more helpful information?
(I know, lots of questions...I hope you don't mind.)
Clear detailed instructions, but this is just disturbing.
emoman6 years ago
sweet. I got to try doing 2 of them!
Actually, the reason this works is because the the tongue is in two muscles, left and right. That is why you can control them separately when it is bifurcated.  You would literally be cutting the muscle in half if you were to split it otherwise
twfroggy emoman6 years ago
2 of what??
emoman twfroggy6 years ago
2 places pierces. The tongue is in 3 parts
Yeah, not like there are major blood vessels running through your tounge that could get peirced and you could die...
twfroggy emoman6 years ago
i dunno if you should....
i think it can injur yur tongue muscles.... do i kno??
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