Introduction: How to Pet a Cat

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Wanna learn how to pet the cutest cat ever

Step 1: Find a Cute Cat

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Locate a black kitty who is called "Lucy"

Step 2: Bother Said Kitty

Picture of Bother Said Kitty

take photos of kitty and blind her with the flash

Step 3: Bribe the Kitty

Picture of Bribe the Kitty

Poutine chips will work!!!

Step 4: Invite E.T Over

Picture of Invite E.T Over

smother with alien type kisses

Step 5: Find Hand

Picture of Find Hand

Locate usable hand. preferably one with dollar sign

Step 6: Hand on Kitty

Picture of Hand on Kitty

Quickly place hand on kitty as she runs away

Step 7: Danger

Picture of Danger

Do not let this kitty witness you pet lucy


wmada (author)2015-06-30

awesome... but did u use poutine chips?

mpigg made it! (author)2015-06-30


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