How to photocopy from a book, without the big black borders!

Step 5: The Finished Product

Picture of The Finished Product
Now you should have a nice clean photocopy without the big black borders that waste toner and can jam your copier.

A note on copyright:
Be careful when you are attempting to photocopy anything. Books that are designed for schools make provisions for teachers who are attempting to reproduce book sections for enlarging, bulletin board displays or for homework packets. However, even teachers can go too far. Make sure with your textbook publisher that you have permission to make temporary photocopies. and destroy these copies when they have completed their purpose. Photocopying play scripts or novels is highly unethical due to the artistic rights of thier authors. Scripts are created with the purpose of selling multiple copies theater companies, photocopying these products is against the law. Please keep copyright law in mind when making photocopies for any purpose.
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heathbar642 years ago
Great suggestion to solve a common problem. How do you get a clear and complete copy of the part in the crack (spine)? that's where I get a headache.
jakenet15 years ago
That's an awesome idea!  A great way to save ink, and make great copies too. Thanks for sharing this.