Step 3: Tools: Tension

Picture of Tools: Tension
You will need two things to pick a lock, a tension tool, and a pick. Both are vital.

A tension tool is easy to make. Just bend a bit of wire that fits in the keyhole. Nothing too big, as you need to reach the pins, and you need a pick to get in there at the same time. Make it long enough that you can hold it, too. You might be holding it for hours trying to open your lock, so no sharp edges.

There are various designs, but this is probably the most common style.
jdeere126 years ago
what are those tension wrenches made out of?
_soapy_ (author)  jdeere126 years ago
Wiper blade insert. If you want some, go to a garage or find a car owner, and ask about the old wipers. Then you can strip the steel insert out with a knife and some pliers, depending on the type. The best type are the ones with the two thinner strips that don't need a knife. The bigger ones have a thick bit of steel that rusts and isn't much use.