How to Pit Cherries





Introduction: How to Pit Cherries

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2 unexpected ways to pit a cherry!

Step 1: 1# - Tools

For the first cherry pit hack you just need a bottle and a chopstick

Step 2: 1# - Process

Put the cherry on the top of the bottle and push through the cherry stone with the chopstick

After some practise it becomes so easy

Step 3: 2# - Tools

For this hack the only thing you need is a paperclip!... and some cherry too :o

Step 4: 2# - Process

Gently push the paperclip into the cherry next to the stone and and pull out when it's grab the stone

Step 5: The End

After some practise both of these tips can make cherry pitting easier ;)

That's the ShiftyWay!



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    When my husband and I pitted cherries in quantity we found a paperclip to work the best for us. However, we used a deluxe paperclip. <g> Either buy a package of popsicle sticks from a craft store or save them when you eat frozen treats. Put your paperclip inside two popsicle sticks with 1/2 to 2/3 sticking out and continue adding popsicle sticks until you have a handle that is comfortable in your hand. Tape together with masking or packing tape and start pitting. This will make pitting cherries easier for older folks who might have some arthritis in their hands.

    When I was growing up at home, we had three cherry trees; two sour cherry and one queen ann cherry tree. Mom always canned what she didn't bake into pies. Needless to say, we did a LOT of cherry pitting. The old standby paperclip is all we ever used. Believe me, it works great.........Mom, dad and we three brothers would sit around the table pitting cherries for hours....The good old days....

    I was surprised when the paperclip trick worked (tried it a couple years ago). I don't like cherry pitters because just as you get in the rythm of it, a pit jams and throws you off (when I was little my mom got on a canned cherry kick and I think we pitted 70lbs of cherries that summer).

    thank you too

    Put cherry on cookie sheet freeze for 20 min. take out and squeeze cherry and pit pops out. a cherry farmer taught me this. works great!

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    Thanks for the tip it's a nice idea. We have to try this and maybe give to you a video about the result ;)

    Great idea I wanted to buy a cherry potter but it was soooo expensive wow thanks for this tip ...??

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    Thank you too!

    i never believed the paperclip version works but it works ;) Try it and enjoy :) Thanks for the comment!