Picture of How to plan a free trip to the Rally to Restore Sanity
Hi there folks! If you're like me, John Stewart's request for all reasonable, civilized-discussion loving, non holy book burning, generally moderate citizens of this country to get up and show the fringe and radical parts of the country that, even though we're busy with day jobs, kids and college, we can still take a bit of time out a weekend to show the country that the vast majority of citizens are adamantly opposed to polarization of our country's  public discourse, seemed...  well let's just say that it seemed really reasonable.

So, now your hooked and you want to go see the John Stewart and friends give some heart-warming speeches, mixed with 2 cups of comedy, and one part inspiration... but it's an awful long distance to drive and gas is pretty expensive. That's where this instructable comes in.

Using the Rally Rideshare website, ride2sanity.com, I will show you step by step; how to plan your trip, prepare your vehicle and fill it with riders who will cover your gas costs.

Required materials:
-Desire to attend the Rally to Restore Sanity (and/or Fear)
-A vehicle that can handle the trip (If you don't have a vehicle or are too young to drive, you should make a sister instructable - Find a Ride to the Rally to Restore Sanity that details using the website to find a ride).
-Materials for decorating your vehicle
-A computer with internet access