How to Plant Seedlings in a Hydroponics System


Introduction: How to Plant Seedlings in a Hydroponics System

This is something that I think is often overlooked when working with hydroponics. Planting in to your hydroponics system is not hard but is a little different than in soil. When you are gardening in soil all you need to do is make a hole in the ground then drop in a seed, cover, and water. Some people will start there seeds indoors or in a green house and bring them to the seedling stage. Once the seedlings get their second set of leaves they are transplanted to their final home. I believe that this is the best way to plant in hydroponics as well. You can start your seeds any way you like. I use rockwool or sure to grow cubes, my brother even uses good old dirt. Once your seedlings are ready you can transfer them to the hydroponics setup. In this video I will show you how I take my seedlings and place them in to my hydroponics system.

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    One more ? What did you do to get the seed to grow in the cube what kind of light and did you germinate ?

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    I just put the seed in the cube and added water until the cube was moist. then put the cube in a container with a clear lid to keep the humidity up. sprayed the cube each day to keep moist. when the seed sprouts I move it under light. I used a t8 florescent light for plants. remove the lid a keep the cube moist. when you can see roots coming out of the cube then put it in to the system

    somehow i have never been able to grow or even sprout something in rockwool. I must be doing something wrong

    You might have the cube too wet. you want it just moist. But if that's not working for you can try a sure to grow cube.

    Thanks for posting that very helpful bro. I was worried I'd mess this part up. So you just leave it grow like that? Do you take any of the cube off as it grows or just leave it alone? Thanks agin bud for the post.

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    Just leave it in the cube

    Do you keep the water level that high though out the grow process, or do you lower it at all when the roots start growing?

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    I try and keep it about 2 inchs below the net pot. If you leave to much air then the roots will dry out