How to Play: AC/DC - Back in Black (Guitar)




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Introduction: How to Play: AC/DC - Back in Black (Guitar)


Hey guys, ever wanted to play the song but just couldnt figure out how? This instructable will show you how to play this rockin' song! Just follow the tabs and look for the hints and you'll be rocking in no time at all!

This is my first non knex ible and I hope to make a series of these. If you have any requests add a comment or pm me and i will try my best!

I also have midi files so you can listen to what it should be!

Step 1: Verse 1

This is verse one! Pretty basic. If you use guitar pro you can download the file otherwise use the pdf.

Step 2: Chorus 1

This is the chorus, and yes, you can choose pdf or gp5 file

Step 3: Verse 2

This is basically a repeat of verse one.

Step 4: Chorus 2

Yes, it is the chorus again, pretty much identical to the previous one.

Step 5: Solo 1: Rhythm Guitar

This is the fun bit. If you with to play the rhythm to the solo, use this step, but if you wish to play the lead (Angus) skip to the next step!

Step 6: Solo 1: Lead

This is the really hard bit. If it is too hard just play the rhythm. But I will cookie if you show me a video of you playing it correctly!

Step 7: Chorus 3

Another chorus, the same as the others

Step 8: Interlude

This is cool. I like this bit. It is fast so you should slow it down a bit and then work your way up.

Step 9: Chorus 4

Yes! Another chorus! And guess what? Its the same as the others!

Step 10: Solo 2: Rhythm Guitar

One last solo for good luck. At the and (last 5 bars) it slowly fades out.

Step 11: Solo 2: Lead Guitar

This is just as hard as the first one. Remember to fade out at the end!

Step 12: Watch the Video!

Watch the guitar carefully and you'll get it soon!



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     If I can obtain an electric guitar, I'll make a video of myself playing the solo correctly. I want cookies! :D lol

    1 reply

    This is great. thanks alot man! now i can show off my mad acdc skillz to my friends! XD

    1 reply

    You are very welcome!

    sortof, i allready had the tab but i other than that i sorted it all out and made the ible.

    where'd you get the tabs from

    Not sure were he got them but if you haven't heard of it 911 tabs is really good, they have just about everything.

    911 tabs generally just links to other sites.

    Yeah 911 tabs is just a search engine for tabs.

    Yeah but it can save you time looking for some and they have people rate the tabs and label them by into solo etc...

    The program that i use (Guitar Pro 5) comes with about 300,000 tabs on it, this being one of them. i dont waste my time on internet tabs.

    Wow thanks, this is were my friend gets his tabs he just couldn't remember the name, btw is the download free? if so then how can i get to it?

    Awesome, thanks, I was just thinking about this earlier and then saw it in my comments.

    after i have finished my current ible i will make an ible on how to download it and use it but i think that you can only trial it for free

    Im just asking, cuz they're slightly off

    i know they are slightly off, because otherwise it would be a copyright infringement

    i dont think that it would be...

    well i'm just playing it safe